Is Sanjay building a defence?

AS AN actor Sanjay Dutt has been soaring with performances from Vaastav to Munnabhai and steadily gaining public recognition and sympathy alike. But there is a noticeable change in the kind of roles he has selected over the last few years. If a Mission Kashmir...

sanjaystablished him as a patriot —ironically fighting terrorist activities in Kashmir —then Munnabhai M.B.B.S. and Lage Raho Munnabhai have established the Gandhian philosophy his father so staunchly believed in. Then again in Eklavya and in his latest offering, Shootout At Lokhandwala, we see him as an aggressive member of the Indian police force. And we suddenly note that over the years, Sanjay has been building a strong patriotic Indian image.

Perhaps the biggest blow to his personal life was losing his dad, Sunil Dutt, who always found a way out of scrapes for his son. But now on the other side of 40, one can’t help but question whether Sanjay has been building himself in the public eye so as to water down his charges of imprisonment? After all in Bollywood everything is about an image and perhaps he has been doing all in his power to wipe out the image that he once supposedly stored the infamous RDX or weapons in his compound.

To pick up a newspaper today and view a picture of Sanjay Dutt draped in the Indian Tricolour wrap, is certainly food for thought. Granted that he was attending a function in honour of his late father; but sister, Priya Dutt, was more acceptable in the role.

But while his public image is fairly strong today, he does seem to be experiencing some trepidation on the personal front. For starters, while he is seeing the mysterious Manayata, apparently they are not admitting to a secret marriage due to his impending judgment. Only last week, he is also said to have called all of his staff members in order to spend quality time with them, in case he doesn’t see them for a long time thereafter. He also made emotional calls to daughter Trishala. And in the latest and rather surprising outburst he has bought himself a bright red Ferrari! This apparently, so that he can enjoy life in the fast lane, before he just may face the confinement of four walls and very little luxury.

Dutt's back in the fast lane!

EVEN THOUGH the agonising wait for his sentence continues to drag at a snail's pace, Sanjay Dutt seems to be rather optimistic of his ultimate fate and has decided to live life in the fast lane for the time being... literally!

According to sources, Dutt has allegedly got himself a swanky set of wheels —a Ferrari F430 —that he had ordered earlier. The F430 is an eight-cylinder model and costs approximately $168005-$227000 (between Rs 68 to Rs 92 lakhs).

On a previous occasion, Dutt had said that his dream car was a Ferrari and it sure looks like his dream has finally come true.

"The car is red in colour and it was in storage at a showroom in Mahalaxmi for a few days. It was delivered to Dutt yesterday," says a source. Despite repeated attempts to get in touch with the deadly Dutt, he was unavailable for comment.

Will the new Ferrari prove to be a lucky talisman? Or a dream ride into freedom? What say Mr Dutt?

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