Invest in yourself, says image trainer Avneet Kohli

Invest in yourself, says image trainer Avneet Kohli

By Enid Parker

Published: Tue 12 Jul 2016, 11:58 AM

Last updated: Thu 14 Jul 2016, 4:00 PM

Presenter, image consultant, trainer & keynote speaker - Avneet Kohli is a woman who wears many hats. When she shifted from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai in 2007, she emerged as a popular presenter, attracting attention upon her debut as the official host of the Celebrity Cricket League 4. She says staying in Abu Dhabi has shaped her personality in a big way as the city is 'real and approachable.'
Avneet used her industry experience to start her image building venture called iOpener, where through fun and experiential workshops she empowers people, helping them distinguish themselves in a crowd using tools like styling, grooming, and body language, presentation and communication skills. She's now hosting a workshop - 'The Confidence Weekender' - in Abu Dhabi on July 15 and16, which aims to motivate people to overcome their inhibitions and impart confidence-building skills.
City Times caught up with her for a chat.

As an image trainer, what is the first thing you aim to change in people?
Attitude. Unlike a traditional consultant, I believe in working on the mind first followed by the exterior.

What are the traits in a presenter that are most important, in your opinion? What was the most memorable hosting experience for you?
My most memorable experience... there have been quite a few actually; it's difficult to list one, however I'd say hosting the Trump Tower Launch in the presence of visionary leader Donald Trump.
In hosting, unlike films, there are no retakes. You are live, there is no room for error. A good presenter is always one who can keep her audience engaged. Someone who can bring everyone in the room to a common wavelength and build interactions amongst them. The way you style yourself, speak and hold yourself in the public eye are other traits that go noticed.

You were brought up in Abu Dhabi - has the city shaped your thinking and influenced your personality in any way? What are your favourite places to visit/eat out in Abu Dhabi?
Well, when I was growing up in Abu Dhabi, it was considered backward! However, now things are changing. I left in 2007 and got back earlier this year. Dubai has always been considered the golden eye (sic). People have always compared Abu Dhabi to Dubai and somehow preferred the latter due to vast opportunities. If I was a tourist I'd agree, however to live a holistic life, Abu Dhabi is peaceful and comfortable. The place is not in a hurry to chase the largest and the biggest of everything. Well, the one way in which Abu Dhabi has affected my personality is that it's real and approachable.
Well, eating out, I'm quite a foodie, so Pizza Express, Prego's, PF Chang's, Tamba and Spacanopolli would be a few.

What do you hope to achieve through your course 'The Confidence Weekender'?
'The Confidence Weekender' is being organised in Abu Dhabi for the very first time to motivate women and young adults to overcome their fears and build confidence. The two-day workshop focuses on rewiring confidence at a sub conscious mind level, personality development, styling and grooming.
Women achievers like Mrs Dubai International Kareena Gehi, President of Indian Ladies Association Sunita Wagle, and popular stylist Antoinette Chorlton have come forward to support this initiative. For all those who complained Abu Dhabi does not have as many events to offer, here is a new platform.
For those in Dubai, we will be planning the second leg of this event in Dubai in September.
Who is the most confident celebrity you have come across?
While hosting the Red Carpet at Filmfare earlier this year I briefly interacted with Deepika Padukone and I'd have to say she is truly the best example of a modern Indian woman. Not only is she a stunner, but she has her head on her shoulders, and her value systems in place
Five tips on how you can brush up your image/personal style/confidence:
*Be authentic, Imitation is not flattery. In times of social media affecting our lives greatly, people often have split personalities.
*No matter how old you are, invest in yourself - keep learning- don't get carried away with trends. Invest in classic signature pieces.
*Don't follow the crowd - what works for someone might not work for you. Carve your own path.
*Pay attention to your body language and how others perceive you.
*Confidence is an internal and external process. Don't look for a quick fix. (
. Dates: July 15-16
. Venue: Crown Plaza Hamdan, Abu Dhabi
. Event link:
. To register call 052 811 6689 or email

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