‘In love we tend to do crazy things’

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Yes, I do celebrate Valentine’s Day! It is after all a special occasion; I guess it’s a day when all couples get to be nice to each other (laughs)! And to be romantic... So Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day to show the person in your life how much they mean to you; it’s good for people who perhaps otherwise don’t get the time, to take this day and make it special.

What was your first Valentine’s Day experience like and which has been your most memorable one?

My first tryst with Valentine’s Day was in school; it was a day that gave all us shy boys an excuse to ask a girl out! On Valentine’s Day we would have a party or everyone would go out. My most memorable one would be when I was in the 10th standard, when the entire class went out together. We watched two movies, went to a couple of restaurants and enjoyed ourselves right from afternoon till almost late at night. One could call it a late night school!

What is the one Valentine Day gift that brings back memories for you?

I have received a couple of gifts and they all are memorable, even if it’s a simple card.

One place you would want to go with your love?

I would probably go to Lakshwadeep and go scuba diving. It’s so beautiful to be with the one you love in a different world that’s so peaceful.

What’s the craziest thing you have done for love?

In love, we tend to do many crazy things that we least expect to do. The craziest thing I did was climb the wall of a building and I won’t spill any more (laughs)!

Your favourite romantic film?

Notting Hill and The Holiday.

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