‘I’m not quitting showbiz’

Enchong Dee makes it clear that he wants to keep a low profile until he completes his graduation

By Aprylle Liabres

Published: Wed 25 Feb 2009, 8:33 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 11:28 PM

Twenty-year-old Ernest Lorenzo ‘Enchong’ Dee is about to do something that not many actors his age have done: he is about to graduate from college.

In a short chat backstage after a guest appearance on ASAP, Enchong revealed that he has only about a month or so to go before graduating from De La Salle University (DLSU) with a degree in Development Studies. In fact, he asked permission from his manager Keren Pascual, and Star Magic (which co-manages his career) to lie low on his showbiz commitments from now until he graduates in March. That’s why he hasn’t been seen much on television lately, save for occasional appearances on ASAP ’09 and in the forthcoming Maruja.

Enchong is also part of the newly-formed Gigger Boys of ASAP, an all-male dance group that is being developed as the younger generation’s answer to the Coverboys.

Although he knows that he will be missing out on several career opportunities, Enchong says it’s worth it. “I’m not quitting showbiz; I’m just going to lie low so I can prioritise my schooling,” explains Enchong. “I’m working on my thesis, then I still have my internship to complete before I can graduate, and both are very time-consuming.”

Enchong also happens to be a competitive swimmer. He is on the swimming team of La Salle, and during the last UAAP (Universities Athletic Association of the Philippines) games, he won seven gold medals in different events, including the butterfly and individual medley. For his feat, Enchong was named Most Valuable Player (MVP).

But for him, no honour is as important as getting an education. In fact, after Enchong graduates in March, he plans to enrol for post-graduate studies. And after that? There might be a future in politics for him, he says. “But I’m not really sure yet,” he adds.

So how does this affect his future in showbusiness, we ask. Isn’t he worried that prioritising his studies may affect his long-term career visibility? With so many newcomers angling for a spot in showbusiness, Enchong may find that by the time he comes back, he has become yesterday’s news. “That’s why I have my endorsements (he recently signed on to endorse a major soft drink brand) and the billboards, to make sure that people don’t forget,” he says with a smile.


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