Karim Abd El Aziz is an Egyptian actor and one of the rising stars on the Egyptian movie scene. He started with some good roles, which led him to be prominent in a very short period.

By Rafat Fawzi

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Published: Sun 25 Jul 2004, 2:51 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:46 AM

His first appearance was in the series Amraah Men Al Zaman Al Kahr with the Egyptian actress Samira Ahmed. After a while he play a role in the film Abood Ala Al Hedood and later in Alaa Waliudin, the film hit the market with a vengeance and gained lots of revenues. He also acted in the film Hramyat Kj with Hanan Turk. He gained fame and soon rose to be among the first level stars. His marriage to a journalist couldn't stand for a long time and ended in a divorce.

Fresh rumours say that Karim is having an affair with Egyptian actress Hala Sheiha. Karim has denied the rumours and said the relation between Hala and him is like a brother and sister as her family is quite close to his family.

Karim Abd El Aziz is the son of the Egyptian director Mohamed Abd El Aziz and Hala Sheiha is the daughter of the Egyptian artist Ahmed Sheiha.

What do you say about the rumours being spread about you and Hala?

As you know there is family relationship between my family and Hala's family. The rumours have surfaced after I paid a visit to the location of the shooting of the film Arees Fe Jaha Amnya which Hala is taking part in it. Another reason where most of the people don't know is that I had offered to marry Hala before I got married. After my divorce I haven't married till now, which I think is fuelling these rumours around me ... well, in any case we are not having an affair and we are very keen on quelling these rumours around us.

Are you thinking of getting married again?

Honestly I am not thinking about that especially nowadays where I am focusing on my work and I am still at the beginning of my career. I acted in a few films and I think they have gained lots of revenues. I feel I have succeeded in playing the roles, which I acted till now but I need to concentrate more on my work.

Any actor should have a settled life. Why are you not thinking of settling down?

It is true and I have no doubt about it but I really think about my work and cinema. You can say that cinema is taking more than 80 per cent of my time, which will not help in settling down in a new marriage.

What do you say about the accusations that your films started very strong and are gradually decreasing in quality?

See we are really confused with the critics as they never stop criticizing the new generation and never try to support them till they are able to make a name for themselves by presenting their experiments. We are just fighting and trying to express ourselves.

We really don't know how to satisfy the critics because at times they praise us and support us and sometime later we discover that they have launched a severe criticism against us. The new generation of actors is totally confused by this treatment by the critics.

Why did you separate from your colleagues and try to go alone in your films?

I didn't separate from them but you can say I am looking for my own path which couldn't have happened when you are depending on your colleagues but anyway we are still in touch with each other and I am looking for the chance to make my name among the stars.

What about the news that you were the one before Ahmed Al Saka, who was offered the film Bodyguard?

To be frank it never happened and I didn't receive any proposal to star in the film. By the way there is a play on this name for the most well known star Adel Imam and hence it is not logical that any other person can star in a film with this name except Adel Imam.

Are you going to act in a film based on comedy?

In all my films till now, the audience can see shades of everything, even comedy. I give the audience total value and entertainment.

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