'I will personally apologise to Mr Bachchan'

THE SHOOTING of Amitabh Bachchan’s Teen Patti started on a wrong note with the shoot getting stalled on the very first day. Reason? Amitabh’s co-star Arshad Warsi failed to report on the sets.

Moreover, Arshad either forgot or was just too busy to inform the production unit that he wouldn’t be able to make it for the shoot. So Mr. B had to sit around for Arshad Warsi. The crew of the film tried contacting Arshad all through the day but he remained unavailable. Arshad’s unprofessional behaviour hasn’t gone down too well with senior Bachchan who reportedly grumbled about it to the film’s producer Ambika Hinduja. Our industry source reveals that Amitabh reportedly told Ambika, “Arshad’s behaviour is completely unacceptable. I’ve spent so many years in this industry but I’ve never behaved this unprofessionally!”

Hinduja too is extremely disappointed with Arshad because the actor has already received a huge signing amount for Teen Patti and has also signed a legal contract stating that he would accommodate his dates as per Mr. Bachchan’s dates. Reportedly Arshad is now avoiding Hinduja and isn’t responding to her calls.

However, when contacted Arshad was more than willing to tell us his side of the story. “Mr. Bachchan is like god to me. I was dying to do a film with him but I think it’s just not destined. The dates I allotted for Teen Patti are clashing with my home production which I will start shooting for in July so I have no choice but to opt out of Teen Patti.” Arshad further adds, “I’m turning producer and it’s a big responsibility. If it was any other film I’d have quit it for Mr. Bachchan but since it’s my first home production I want to give it my all.”

When asked as to why he kept the unit waiting and didn’t inform them before hand Arshad replies, “I think there has been some sort of miscommunication. I need to clear the air with Mr. Bachchan as soon as possible. I will personally apologise to him and explain to him why I’m quitting the film before people go and tell him some other story.” But, the production house has a different story to tell. Surely Arshad knew about his own production well in advance? How can there be a ‘miscommunication’ when Arshad was aware of the shooting date of Teen Patti?

Arshad also says that in future he plans to produce a film with him and Big B in leading roles. Is that to placate Big B?

While Arshad says that he had to leave Teen Patti because of his home production the trade buzz is that the actor is tired of playing second fiddle in multi-starrers and quit Teen Patti because he had been offered a lead role in a Vishal Bharadwaj film. Informs a trade source, “For some time now Arshad has wanted to do lead roles so when Vishal Bharadwaj offered him a lead role Arshad grabbed it. But he should have informed the unit of Teen Patti.” Off-late Arshad has been gaining notoriety for turning up late on film sets and making a lot of demands. He has forced producers to increase the length of his roles and acted smart when they have not. He even had a fight with Bipasha Basu when he would regularly turn up late for the shooting of Goal. She just could not handle his attitude. Arshad even upset John. He reportedly wanted director Vivek Agnihotri chop off John Abraham’s role in Goal.

Arshad should stop and think before he makes any more wrong moves, for he is going to be a producer very soon. We guess Circuit is in dire need of some Gandhigiri.

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