She has really made it, ever since she put her first step in the art scene, she has worked really hard and moved up very fast till she became one of the top singers in the Arab world. She is quite a singer and actress, multi talented, she has ...

By Nihal Kamil

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Published: Mon 26 Apr 2004, 10:32 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:32 AM

a simple outlook towards life. Noura Rahal tells City Times about life, her career and much more in this exclusive interview.

Tell us about your life.

I am a very simple woman, actress and wife, I love my family more than the artistic life, really I love my family so much especially after I had a my baby, he fills my heart with joy and gladness. My endeavours to be a better singer or actress is my big dream but the most important thing in my life is my family and it means a lot to me.

And what about your recent work?

My new album is coming soon, but I'll keep all the information very secret. Besides my last album 'Meen Aea' meaning who is she? was very nice and most of the audience loved the songs clips.

Tell us about your first step as an artiste.

I started my first step in the field around six years ago in cinema and theatre besides small screen, and my singing career started three years ago but after I had my first baby I devoted most of my time with to my baby, I am very satisfied for all that.

Does your husband encourage you in your chosen career?

Of course, my husband encourages me always, he gives his valuable skill in everything, even the song videos, truly his touch can be seen in the tunes, words and a lot of other things. He didn't hesitate to give me all the help I need to make the videos. He is Greek but has an oriental temperament, I love his character so much.

How do you see the audience reaction?

It is a very good, they are always encouraging me to return to drama.

How many albums do you have?

I have released four albums, two in the Lebanon and two in Egypt, I think it's really a perfect experiment.

How do you see Egypt?

Oh, it's wonderful, look at the artistic climate in Egypt, it's really marvellous.

Tell us about your last video 'the queen of my time.'

It was great, the videos were shot in Greece by the English director, I think it succeeded in presenting a new concept containing a new kind of direction and culture besides the technical methods of using cartoons.

How do you see the Egyptian audiences accepting the last two albums?

It's very nice, really Egypt is a big country, it's the queen of arts at the Arab world, once the singer proves herself in Egypt, she will get the success everywhere. I am happy because my albums are full of different songs from famous writers and musicians ... like Amer Te ama, Sherif Taj and Mohamed Deaa Aldean Fawzy Abrahim, all the groups are very famous and have a remarkable feeling.

What do you enjoy more singing or acting?

I like both because, they offer me the same satisfaction levels, but I think singing suits me because it didn't take too much time in shooting but drama during cinema or TV needs more time. I have a small baby and I have many duties towards my family, I thank God for that, it's his gift to me.

Tell us about your dreams.

My dreams are the feeling of satisfaction within my small family, nothing in the life equal the feeling of security and satisfaction there.

How about the problems you faced in the artistic life, did it effect your life?

I think anyone will face the problems in their work, but once I started my way in the arts I decided to make my work as just one thing amusing me, but truly with my husband by my side I didn't need anything. I didn't feel any problems as my husband was always beside me and the atmosphere in my family gave me all the feeling of security and satisfaction.

Do you get affected by criticism?

In the artistic life, the artist must learn to live with the criticism so it is impossible to ignore all the criticism but it doesn't really bother me.

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