'I follow my heart'

FLASHBULBS CLICKED non-stop even as scribes jostled for space to grab the best sound bytes. The tension mounted and eager journos were getting restless. "Is she coming alone, or is Saif accompanying her?"

asked some; others wondered if this celeb too would arrive fashionably late.

But when Kareena Kapoor, entered 40 minutes late, all was forgotten.

The year has been eventful for her and not just professionally. But Kareena prefers to keep her personal life aside and gets chatting about her films.

"All my films have been special, but Jab We Met (JWM), is the best film of my career. Any actress would give her all to work in such a film and that too with one of the finest directors like Imtiaz Ali. He guides you like a child and that makes his actors feel really nice," says Kareena.

She gushes that even 70-year-old aunties have come up to her after the film and told her that they 'simply loved it'.

"I played a wild and fun-loving girl while Shahid played a subdued and patient guy. It's the chemistry between two people who're so completely different that worked for the film. Of course, the music, direction and the fresh storyline were equally brilliant," she says.

Geet, the character she played in JWM, says Kareena, is very similar to her. "Even I'm very fun-loving and go out and do just what I want. I'm not calculative; I follow my heart because it rules over my mind," confesses the actress.

So now that she's done two extremely different genres of films — the critically acclaimed Omkara and a masala flick like JWM — what kind of films does she like doing?

"Generally in Hindi films, the heroine is always crying or dancing around trees, but I've always chosen real characters. But it was my role in Yuva that worked for me. So I always do films that have a good story and a strong character. It's okay even if I sit jobless for a year, but I'll only do films I believe in. Otherwise, it's so easy to be a part of big projects starring big heroes and do a small role. But that's not what I want to do," says the actress.

And now that the Raj Kapoor banner is being revived by her father Randhir, has she zeroed in on what she wants to play in the film?

"Scripts are flowing in and I'm reading so many. But I want to something new — it has to add freshness to my character. Dad's actually beginning to get irritated because I keeping saying, 'I don't want this and I don't want that.' He's producing it, so I'll home in on the right script soon," she says. Also on the call sheet are dates for Sajid Nadiadwala's upcoming flick and Golmaal Returns — a comedy, a genre she hasn't tried before.

But in spite of all the trappings of celeb life, it's family that keeps her grounded, says Kareena.

"I'm a very family-oriented girl and can never go away from them. My family means a lot to me. And yes, they always listen to whatever I say," she smiles.

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