‘I don't love Abhay Deol’

Rumours of a romance brewing between 'Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!' stars, Neetu Chandra and Abhay Deol, have been flying thick and fast ever since the film went on the floor. And the chemistry was quite evident onscreen too as the film released recently.

By N Anandhi

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Published: Sat 6 Dec 2008, 8:52 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 2:52 PM

"He is such a cute thief that she cannot avoid falling in love with him and thereby she begins to bring reformation in him," says Neetu talking about her on-screen love affair with Abhay. But when we confronted the actress with the reports of an off-screen affair with the dimpled Deol, she screams, "Oh my gosh! Me romancing Abhay? No ways!" Though she does agree that they're best of pals, in fact, more than just friends! "Yeah, we are real thick of pals. You may say we are more than buddies but we are not seeing each other. You know, being a sportsperson, I have travelled a lot. I do not differentiate much between a boy and a girl. I feel good friendship can also happen with the opposite sex. It is not necessary that if we are bum chums we ought to be in love," she explains.

Nonetheless, her feelings for Abhay are quite palpable when she says, "Abhay is really a sweet guy. He is ready to help anyone.

Let me tell you of an instance that really touched me. I was running high temperature and it was not possible for me to even get up. But this guy was always ready to lend his shoulders to me. Whenever I was on the sets I would relax by putting my head on his shoulders. I would get up and give my shot. Thanks to Abhay, the shoot was made possible."

Hmmm…And still no feelings crossed your hearts? Difficult to believe…"I swear we are thoroughly best of pals," laughs out Neetu, brushing off the query lightly. So if not the tall and handsome Abhay, what sort of a partner is she looking for?

"Looks are not what I care for. A person has to be honest. He should have manly traits. Nowadays guys are bitchier than women. They need to respect and give enough space and freedom to women. There should be ample trust," shares Neetu.

Have you never come across such a man, we ask. "No. And right now I am not in a hurry to find one. I need to concentrate on my career," she says rather firmly. But what about rumours of Abhay recommending Neetu to filmmakers so that the two can spend more time together?

To this Neetu says, "Actually not only Abhay but in general too we actors do recommend some one or the other when asked. But we do not pressurise the director to take anybody in particular. The decision is entirely theirs."

Okay, so no scope for romance at all there. How can there be when she has many good films up her sleeve and she has been working non-stop for a while now.

"Khusarprasad Ka Bhoot, Flat No 13B, Mumbai Cutting and an untitled film with a south director," are the films she is doing, she tells us and adds, "I am very happy to be the solo heroine in all these films." And there's one shot in particular in Mumbai Cutting that's her favourite. "The film is based on social issues. A different film altogether. The one thing I like about the film is that the last shot closes on my face. The look will kill every one," she laughs even as she signs off.


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