'I am a terrible cook'

Catherine Zeta-Jones had 'the full Welsh treatment' to ensure she voiced a documentary in the lilting accent of her homeland rather than an American twang, it was reported Thursday. Zeta-Jones has faced some criticism in Wales, ....

where she hails from, for allegedly toning down her accent.

Television producer John Morgan visited their home on the Spanish island of Majorca to record her providing a voiceover for a documentary about Welsh celebrities climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

"When I first met her in New York to talk about the project, she was making a film where she had an American accent, so you could hear it in her voice," he told the Welsh newspaper Western Mail.

"So we made sure that when we went to record her in her home in Spain, she had the full Welsh treatment before we started recording."

He said that three other Welsh people accompanied him and added: "We encouraged her to talk to her dad on the phone too. The end result sounds wonderful.

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