‘I am a sucker for Romcoms’

YashRaj’s favourite actress Anushka Sharma talks about her third film with them, Band Baajaa Baaraat, out in UAE theatres now

What attracted you to this film?

I am a sucker for romcoms. Ever since I became an actress, I wanted to do a romantic comedy. I fell in love with this script as soon as Maneesh (director) narrated it to me. He was instrumental in my being in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, as he was the one who auditioned me for the role of Taani. Yes, Band Baajaa Baaraat is a love story but with a lot of ‘desi-pan’ to it.

What’s your character Shruti Kakkar like?

Shruti could be a girl from any Indian city - Delhi, Bangalore, Nagpur, Mumbai. She is very ambitious, principled from a loving close-knit family. She is somebody who can talk to her parents about anything under the sun… about boys, her problems, everything. Even though she is such a studious girl, her ultimate goal is to become a wedding planner. She is contemporary and has the right values. She’s a feminist and she is everything a girl wants to be. Shruti is the kind of girl who before she starts writing on a paper, will draw a margin… she will always write the date, she is very meticulous and she will fight with the auto rickshawwala for five rupees not because she wants to save it but because he is acting smart with her!

There is a lot of stress on you being the wedding planner in the film. Why is that?

Earlier, parents would wish their children would take up professions like medicine, law or engineering, but now things have changed. Shruti always wanted to be a wedding planner and her parents are very supportive of her. This film shows how times have changed. Shruti stands for that generation, that youth. In India this is a service only provided to the high society with a high budget. In this movie we have shown how wedding planners take over small weddings.

One hears interesting stories about your co-star Ranveer Singh.

When I was called for the narration I was informed there was a new guy in the movie. So I met Ranveer for the first time at the reading. RV is not a very normal guy. When he came into the room he had his ipod on and was grooving to the music. Maneesh had told him you will be meeting your coactor, so without a care in the world he just walks in and says ‘hey wassup’ and that’s the first impression I have about Ranveer. He doesn’t care about anything. Ranveer is the most uninhibited actor I have ever met. He’s focused when it comes to acting and completely unperturbed about what is happening around him.

So your characters clash even on screen?

Bitto is everything that Shruti is not. If Shruti would put a margin on an A4 sheet then Bittoo would not even possess a notebook! If Shruti was running to catch the bus in time then Bittoo would be sleeping at home till 12 missing his classes but when they come together it’s like a jigsaw puzzle, everything falls into place. All the friction they have generates spark and that spark is so attractive to watch.

Tell us about your favourite songs from the film.

Every college going person will relate to Tarkeebein. It’s a very peppy college song. But, Ainvayi is my favourite. I love the lyrics, it was hard to learn them. It’s probably one of the best songs of my career. Vaibhavi has done an amazing job for Dum Dum. I don’t think I have ever worked so hard in my life as I have on this song.

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