Long ago Celina Jaitley was a beautiful little girl in her teens when she was spotted by Aparna Sen who was also editing a magazine. Aparna put this girl on the cover of this Bengali magazine called Shahananda.

By N Anandhi (Contributor)

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Published: Wed 8 Jun 2005, 12:39 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 6:20 PM

It wasn’t long before Celina won a beauty pageant in Kolkata called Tilottama contest. And two more years after, she found herself winning one of the crowns in the Femina Miss India contest.

Jaitley then came into films with Feroz Khan’s Jaanasheen but just after getting a disastrous debut in the form of Khel with Suneil Shetty and Ajay Jadeja. Before that she was dropped from a Mukesh Bhatt film, much after she was signed for it. Sadly, luck has not been on her side and she hopes the most from he next two releases Silsilay and No Entry.

While the Khalid Mohamed film does not seem to be having any takers, Celina thinks that it will do well to her career as an actress. “Characters have taken over from heroes and heroines in today’s cinema. There’s nothing called the second or the third lead, or even main the lead. It all depends on your acting calibre and your screen presence. You can make an impact if you are gifted and have talent. Talent again is something that has to be spotted by one self and then nurtured. Mind you, one has to understand that sex appeal and talent are two different things and an actress needs to have both to be good,” she opines.

Celina wants to dream much higher. She says that she is cut out to make it in the west. “I think I have been made for Hollywood. I have had my share of criticism when I have been working in films, and I accept it quietly. I want to be good and discard all my negative points at the earliest. I am not in favour of making it big overnight. I would want to take the slower route,” says the actress.

However Celina is not in favour of overtly exposing. I know what my limits are. I cannot shed too much clothes as well. I know, your next question will be on how will I make it big in Hollywood, I cannot be a part of an overtly sensuous scene, but its fine by me. There are roles written for people like me, who are not total prudes as well,” she laughs.

And in order to achieve her goal, Celina is not keen to get into any relationships at the moment. “I want to get into a relationship with someone after a few years only. I have had the desire earlier but not anymore. For the time being I am keen on working hard. If a man has to go beyond just being my friend, he will have to prove too many things to me. Anyone will have a tough time being my man,” she says.

For Celina marriage with someone is a mere formality which has a legal standing. “There are many people who love each other unconditionally. You can be in love and not be married at all to each other all your life. What is true love for me is when it transcends relationships,” says Celina. “Marriage has to happen when one is ready for it mentally and financially. People need to be mature enough for marriage. Lots of people get married to each other when they reach eighteen and then make a mess of the relationships in the family as well, apart from ruining their own lives with immature and impromptu decisions.”

She doesn’t seem to be thinking exactly like a glamour girl, is she? “I am a simple girl who could easily be your neighbour. The media perceives me to be glamorous, I would call myself a girl who wants to be set free in the mountains rather than be here in this big bad world. But still, I am managing to hold my own here. The only thing which one might associate with me and glamour are my clothes in films and my personal collection of 850 pairs of shoes,” she asserts.

Some of these shoes are dancing shoes and Celina loves dancing as well. “And I would like to do these performances as well in a film and I hate it when someone wants to call it an item number? How can a woman be an item?” she queries. At the moment Celina Jaitley says she is focused, even though her behaviour tends to suggest otherwise.

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