The 290 plus kite filled the sky with colour as the DSF Kite Flying Competition got underway last Friday at the Creekside Park. All one had to do to be a part of the competition was to build or buy a kite and decorate it. The only rule was that all kites must fly!

Simple as it may sound, the entries were anything but simple. Contestants went all out to create and decorate kites coming up with novel shapes and sizes to win the prizes for the best homemade kite, the larges kite and the smallest kite.

Among the noteworthy entries were a dragon kite with a 40 feet long tail and a gold and silver foil kite. While judging creativity was challenging, it was judging kite-flying skills that the judges found more challenging. Contestants competing for the highest-flying kite managed to get their kites so high in the sky that they could hardly be seen except as specks in the sky.

The DSF Kite Flying Competition was a Dubai Municipality initiative. There was something for everyone at the event including a Twisted Olympics for children. RJ Gaurav of City FM 101.6 FM kept the crowds entertained all through the day.

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