Here's where you can hear Anveshi Jain sing in Dubai on Friday

Anveshi Jain will be performing at Baar Bar, Majestic Hotel in Dubai UAE on Friday August 30
Will be performing at Bar Baar, Majestic Hotel

By David Light

Published: Wed 28 Aug 2019, 6:28 PM

Last updated: Fri 30 Aug 2019, 11:10 AM

ALONGSIDE THE ABILITY to dine al fresco and slightly earlier starts as a result of increased traffic, the first inkling this city is returning to business as usual is when the celebrity appearances begin to tot up. At the height of the social season a weekend cannot pass without one star of stage and screen or the other lighting up a UAE venue. And this Friday we are straight out of the gate with a performer who describes herself as a singer, actor, International host, travel presenter and dating coach with a social media presence attracting over 1 million people and even her own app you can download for a more personal glimpse into how those in public eye live. Anveshi Jain has appeared in shows such as BOSS: Baap Of Special Services and Gandii Baat and will be featuring at Bar Baar, Majestic Hotel Bur Dubai tomorrow evening. Set to perform well-known Hindi songs and generally add stardust to the club's always-lively atmosphere, we spoke to a palpably excited Jain over the phone from India this week.
"It is going to be the first time Dubai is going to see me perform live," she said. "I really love the city. It is one of the most exotic and luxurious places to be. It is my favourite place to come."
Citing shopping and parties as the emirate's principal attractions, Jain counts White Dubai as one of the world's top clubs, which she visted last time she was here to film a travel blog. Putting on a show is arguably a whole other kettle of fish, though Jain maintained she would not let nerves get the better of her.
"When I'm up singing I put my heart out there. I feel on top of the world. I sing about love and that is the feeling we should all have."
So, would she take music over her main job acting?
"They go along together," Jain said. "I can't choose one over the other. I feel the same in front of the camera as I do singing."
Starring in two television shows so far, we asked if mainstream Bollywood movies were a draw. While the answer was positive, Jain seemed focused on exactly the type of role she desired.
"I like manipulative and mysterious characters. I feel that goes really well with my face. I'm not a 'girl next door'. I think they're boring. A girl next door, you can relate with, but there is nothing you don't know about it. I'd have a hard time doing a simple character who is just 'in love'. I'm more of a dominating and ambitious woman. I'm like that in real life as well."
Ambition certainly fits Jain's profile as she looks to conquer not just social media but the dedicated online fan market too with her own premium content app available on Android and iOS. Simply titled the Anveshi Jain Offical App, the actor puts out custom photos, videos and advice. The application's name, however, may be deliberately straight-forward as Jain made it clear - contrary to a lot of Internet fakery - everything she puts out on the web is 100 per cent genuine. There is no character-playing where her personal life is concerned.
"It is absolutely me. I don't like that part of social media - when people pretend to be something else. For example I will never post with people because a lot of people do that and they have never even met them. I am someone who is very particular about the energies I am with and that makes me a bit of a loner."
Honing down her circle of friends was a result of moving to Mumbai, Jain said.
"I moved to Bombay and I didn't belong to that place. I was quite lonely. I ended up sitting in cafes alone. I discovered it's better to be wise with your time. It gives you time to be aware of yourself. You look for people who are worth your time."
The contemplation of time is always an interesting way to end a conversation and often gives rise to an enlightening thought or two. Jain didn't disappoint offering these musings to sign off.
"When you're on your high you should give it your all because you don't know how long it is going to last. Self love is the biggest love. How much you love yourself is what reflects on your face. Keep shining, keep flying."
 The show
Anveshi will be performing on Friday live at Bar Baar, Majestic Hotel, Dubai around 12.30am. It is free entry for all. Dhruv The Band will also be performing live from 11pm - 2am. Doors open at 7pm onwards.  

Anveshi Jain will be performing at Baar Bar, Majestic Hotel in Dubai UAE on Friday August 30
In Dubai on Friday
Anveshi Jain will be performing at Baar Bar, Majestic Hotel in Dubai UAE on Friday August 30 on stage
Will be on stage from 12.30am

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