More than two and a half years in hospital in a state of coma, and Velukutty Chandran is still awaiting a court verdict that will fetch him Dh4, 450,000 as compensation. Working as a newspaper boy for Arabic daily, ...

By Anjana Sankar (Staff Reporter)

Published: Thu 30 Jun 2005, 12:16 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 6:20 PM

48 year old Chandran was run over by a speeding car on the Corniche road on April 8, 2003 and sustained severe head injuries in addition to fractures in the legs, hands and scapula. A legal wrangle between the accused driver and his insurance company is delaying the court verdict for Chandran, according to legal sources. He was admitted to Shaikh Khailfa Medical Centre and since then has been unconscious with stagnated neurological condition. Presently at the Al Jazeera Hospital, he is on gastronomy tube feeding and is medically dubbed with 100 per cent disability. According to doctors, there is not much to be done and he is most likely to remain severely crippled for the rest of his life.

"Chandran was on his way to the newspaper office on his bicycle when he met with the accident. Since then, we have been fighting the case to win him a compensation from the other party," said Sasi, a friend of Chandran. According to Sasi, the victim has not received a penny from his employer and did not approach anybody for help as the case is pending with the court. "We never expected that the court verdict would take this long and now the that he has spend a ver long time in hospital, it was time for him to be discharged.

"It would require at least Dh25, 000 or more to repatriate him as arrangements have to be made for a nurse and doctor to accompany him on his journey in addition to stretchers and other medical equipment. Moreover, his family back home is in a terrible psychological state — his wife lost the ability to speak and his son who discontinued his studies is doing odd jobs to support his mother and sister," Sasi said, narrating the pathetic situation of his family in Kerala.

According to K.V. Prakash, the legal consultant for Chandran, the delay in passing a court verdict was due to a pending case filed by the Insurance Company against the main accused in Chandran's case. "While Chandran's case was under trial, the Insurance company filed a case under No.83/2004 against the driver on the basis that his insurance had expired by the time he was involved in the accident. Since a new case had come on the same subject, the court temporarily suspended our case until summons and other preliminary procedures in case no. 83 were over."

Prakash also added that in the last hearing, the court ordered the appointment of a panel of doctors to evaluate his medical condition so that compensation could be granted on the basis of disability sustained by him.

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