Here are a few tips on how to stay happily together, Filipino style, to celebrate 50 years of marriage. The dos and don'ts are as follows: “Keep smiling. Have fun. Take life easy. Take the ups and downs of life in their stride.

By Mohammad Abdul Qudoos (Staff Reporter)

Published: Mon 20 Jun 2005, 11:57 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 6:20 PM

Don't be bogged down by problems. Don't nag each other for money. Be content with what you have,” according to Attorney Isidoro M Concon and his wife Letty Concon, a graduate in science and postgraduate in arts.

The couple recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their seven children, 22 grandchildren and five great grandchildren joining them in a family reunion in Manila where the couple's 50th wedding renewal of vows was held. Isidoro, a Libra, and Letty, a Virgo, were both born in September. He will be 74 and she, 72, this year. They are a frequent visitors to Dubai to be with their daughter Mina Jindran, who lives in Dubai and helps her husband, off and on, in his human resources business.

“The secret of a happy marriage is love, patience, tolerance, understanding and trust,” Isidoro told City Times in an interview in Dubai. “Love and a good faithful husband who is fatherly and matured have kept us together,” Letty added. “I was a spoiled brat. I grew up because of him and I listen to his advice,” she continued. “I filled up her shortcoming,” he said. “He does not fight with me. It is me who fights all the time. He is a gift of a precious gem from God for me,” she said.

“It is part of the Filipino culture and our way of life to stick it out together. Marriage is sacred to us. We also pray that our bond be kept,” Isidoro explained. He said that he never had any serious problems with his wife; but Letty said that she had problems with him when she was young because she was a jealous type of person and she asked too many questions.

Mina said that her father and mother cannot stay separated for long. One will follow the other even if they are away from each other just for a week because they dance to the same music, she said. At the renewal of the vows, Letty looked as graceful as ever in her Maria Clara, Filipino traditional apparel for women, and Isidoro looked as handsome as always in his Barong Tagalog, the Filipino traditional apparel for men. Isidoro and Letty are looking forward to celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

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