Going bass mad down at Ting Irie's Saturdaze

Going bass mad down at Ting Iries Saturdaze
The seabass

By David Light

Published: Tue 4 Dec 2018, 5:21 PM

SATURDAY. IT'S A difficult one to judge. You have probably had a big old Friday, there's work tomorrow and you don't want to go too hard again, right? We're constantly in two minds. Either stay in, batten down the hatches, and wait for the onslaught of football to see us through until it's time to go to bed again, OR get up and actually make the most of the day. Last weekend, the lure of Ting Irie's 'Saturdaze' menu was too much to resist. All-day a la carte specialist items, some chill tunes and smooth beverages provide a lovely distraction for the more sedate weekend day.
What we especially enjoy about the Saturdaze offering is the straightforward West Indies menu. A few starters and mains are all that adorn the page-long affair and that is all you really need to get your taste buds popping. The crab & caloo and phalourie began our journey. The crab dish, a Trinidadian stew, was beautifully balanced with the pumpkin, carrot and spinach creating a vegetable base for the tender and flavourful crab. The phalouri, or chickpea fritters, were a welcome sight for hungry eyes; the almost tart tamarind chutney cutting the crackling batter a treat. For the mains, Creole seabass with 'mass' potato won the day. The crispy fish was an absolute delight. Smeared in the rich piquant Creole sauce, we'll be back there again for this dish alone. The accompanying garlic mash also provided a delicious creamy pillow for the fish, which only added to the overall result. Our other meal titled the Bake and Shack - a fried flour patty with battered tilapia fish and cucumber and tamarind chutney -also got our juices going, but in truth, we're all about the bass.
So if, like us, you're at a loss of what to do to spice up Saturday, you now know there's meal worthy of putting you in a daze out there at Ting Irie.
Where: Ting Irie, Downtown
Best dish: Creole Seabass
Av. cost per person: Dhs200

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