Get fit with these UAE online courses

Let's get moving
Let's get moving

Are you slowly morphing into a melted Doctor Who extra like the rest of us?

By David Light

Published: Sun 3 May 2020, 2:31 PM

Last updated: Tue 5 May 2020, 12:20 PM

It's official, we've hit rock bottom. You'd think it would have been polishing off an entire tub of ice cream and washing it down with a gallon of fizzy drink in one sitting last week, but nope (in truth the indigestion provided a heartwarming accompaniment to yet another Too Hot To Handle episode and its cast's ever-sparkling wit). The alarm bells actually began ringing a couple of days ago - each imaginary peel admonishing us with its judgy tone. "NO-MORE", "HOT-DOGS" they sounded as we were coincidently toasting a couple of snags for Elevenses. The figurative warning arrived in the form of an Instagram post. And before you jump to conclusions, it was not uploaded from the usual sources - the shirtless Kite Beach posers. This one stung on a different level.
Bollywood's Anil Kapoor unveiled his debut leading role in 1980. Four decades later, the now 63-year old dropped a post-gym selfie which oh so nonchalantly emerged on our screen. If you haven't run your eyes over it, let us directly lift a phrase from the aforementioned Netflix Shakespearean tragedy, Too H To H, "dude is ripped." The actor's physique will put most viewers to shame and he almost qualifies for a state pension! We need to make amends and fast. Luckily the UAE is home to some fantastic online fitness initiatives. Let's pump through them.
30x30 all year long
Think the Dubai Fitness Challenge 30x30 comes but once a year? Think again. Find Your 30 is a curation of videos, articles and podcasts that are related to fitness, wellness, nutrition and so much more at Developed as part of the regular exercise event, the 'Find Your 30' content hub is a must-visit virtual destination for all your nutrition, workout and wellness needs.
The celebrity crush
Well-known trainer Joe Wicks will crush you. with his charming smile. The best -selling author and Instagram star is hosting a series of free workouts for kids on his Youtube channel, The Body Coach TV. No equipment is necessary, and adults are also welcome. Wicks hosted the region's largest ever High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session during Dubai Fitness Challenge in 2019, so he knows our city well and we love him.
Fitness frenzy
Those Fitness First branches dotted about the place look impressive, but have you ever been a little intimidated to wander inside? Then why not let the world-famous brand come to you? On April 30 they will be launching a 21-day Ramadan challenge. It aims to provide a variety of exclusive workout sessions and webinars, including three weekly 40-minute HIIT classes, (options for ladies only and mixed classes), one weekly meditation session and special weekly talks with Fitness First's nutritionists and gym professionals. You'll also receive a certificate and there are prizes up for grabs.
COST: Dhs199 for members and Dhs249 for non-members
Virtual challenges
On the whole this one is a little more equipment-heavy, but the goals look extremely fun. Locally-based technology firm Inphota has launched a series of virtual contests including running marathons and cycling the UAE Tour. You can even climb Everest using the stairs in your apartment building or house. Visit to register and begin today.
Zen and tone
It's not all about building muscle. Get your chill on and look better as NYU Abu Dhabi Athletics is posting weekly virtual yoga and meditation classes every Thursday at 8am. Led by Physical Education Instructor Miriam Maher, the classes will be shared once a week on NYUAD Athletics' official Instagram account and YouTube channel.

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