Get Fit!

Get Fit!

City Times hits the gym for some exercise tips from the professionals to help you start living a healthier life

By Mohamad Kadry

Published: Sat 30 Mar 2013, 8:04 PM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 3:25 AM

CRASH DIET PLANS: they’re dangerous and almost guarantee whatever weight you lose comes back with a vengeance. Trendy plans come and go like seasons, so save your energy and money by avoiding ones that have you eating like a rabbit or liquefying your meals. Instead, consult a dietician or do your own research online to develop a food programme and exercise routine that you won’t get bored of - the most important thing is finding what works best for you. Check out these great techniques that can improve your life courtesy of Red Dragon Gym fitness instructor Payam Mofarrahi and Silva Stojanovic.


As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But did you know it scares off the fat as well? Studies show that people who had an apple before a meal ate fewer calories overall than those who had a different snack. The benefits are endless, from whiter, healthier teeth and decreasing your risk of diabetes to reducing cholesterol and boosting your immune system. Apples are the ideal on-the-go snack so if you’re ever feeling just a bit hungry, take a bite and stave off bad diet choices likes crisps and candy.

Dumbbell Incline-Bench Press For Chest

1) Sit down on an incline bench (at a 45 degree angle) with dumbbells resting on your lower thighs. Kick weights to shoulders and lean back. Position dumbbells to the sides of chest with upper arm under each dumbbell.

2) Press dumbbells up with elbows to sides until arms are extended. Lower weight to sides of upper chest until slight stretch is felt in chest or shoulder. Repeat.

3) Dumbbell should follow slight arch pattern, above upper arm between elbow and chest at bottom, traveling inward over each shoulder at top.

Hanging Leg Raises

1) Find a pull up bar in the gym (use a partner for assistance in reaching the bar and maintaining proper form).

2) Grasp the bar with both hands and hang your legs down without swinging back and forth.

3) Slowly raise your legs in front of you keeping them as straight as possible. This may be difficult at first so you may need to start off with just a few to begin with, using a partner (as pictured) if necessary. Keep your back as perpendicular to the floor as possible. Once you have raised your legs in front of you try to get them to the point where they are parallel to the floor. You should start to feel a contraction or a tightness in your abs.

4) Slowly lower your legs again to the starting point where your legs are hanging straight down and perpendicular to the floor. Though difficult at first, hanging leg raises work wonders for your core.

Decline Leg Raises

1) If Hanging Leg Raises (shown left) are a bit too intense for you, opt for the easier (but just as effective) Decline Leg Raises.

2) Lay down and grab the bench with your arms overhead. Bend your knees slightly but keep your legs mostly straight. Bring them up to your chest as you lift your hips off the bench. Hold for two seconds.

3) Lower your legs and hips halfway to the bench. Lift back up and do 12 total leg raises. You must keep your lower back flat against the bench throughout the entire exercise.

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