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Friends first

The Jersey Shore girls are back for a second season of their spin-off reality show Snooki & JWoww. Here they talk about babies, engagements and their fondness for Honey Boo Boo

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Published: Wed 24 Apr 2013, 12:12 PM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 5:38 AM

How does it feel to be back for a second season of Snooki & JWoww, which is also airing internationally?

Snooki: It feels great for the show to be everywhere. You get to see our homes and our family. It’s nice for everyone to get to know us on a personal level.

Jenni: Oh my God, that is such an honour! It’s so surreal to this day to know that we are seen outside the United States. It’s unbelievable, it makes me giddy!

This season, the episodes will be extended to a full hour from the previous 30-minute format. What can fans expect to see?

Snooki: You get to see everything. They had to cut off a lot of funny things that me and Jenni were like, ‘How did that not make the show?’ And now people can see everything! Nothing is cut out.

Jenni: The storyline in season one was so short because of the time crunch and it was only eight episodes. Now it’s 12 episodes and an hour-long each, so you get a real sense of being there when Snooki was in labour and when I got engaged. You really get to see a lot of things that we didn’t even see.

Will we be seeing any of the original Jersey Shore crew on the show?

Snooki: Of course! They are a part of our family. I definitely wanted everybody to meet baby Lorenzo, so you’re going to see everyone on the show. Well, except for Mike because he was in Australia, but he would have been there if he hadn’t been out of the country.

Jenni: Oh, yeah. Mike was busy with Big Brother. They play a big part of our lives, so they play a big part of the show.

Snooki, how do you manage being a new mum while filming Snooki & JWoww?

Snooki: It’s definitely a little stressful because you don’t want to mess up too bad because the whole world is watching you. I usually block that out, but to be a mum, it’s totally different. Me and (partner) Jionni block that out as much as possible, and I think we’re doing a good job being first-time parents.

Jenni, will we be able to see more of your relationship with your fiancé, Roger?

Jenni: Oh, yeah! And it’s more day-to-day than just him visiting. So, you’ll see how he lives and our dynamic.

You both live far from each other, how do you manage to spend quality time together with all the new changes in both of your lives?

Snooki: It’s definitely hard, but the good thing about the show is that we get to show our fans that no matter what’s going on, we always have time for each other. So, even though we’re in two separate worlds – I have a baby, she’s engaged – we always make sure that we have time for each other. That’s what best friends are for. And that’s what we want fans to get out of the show – that no matter what’s going on in your life, you should always have your best friend with you.

Jenni: I call it a long-distance relationship where if you love someone, you make it work. We live an hour away from each other and this season, I visited her a lot because she was pregnant. Besides that, we talk every day on the phone.

You guys have been through a lot together – from the launch of Jersey Shore to babies and engagements. What has been the best advice you’ve received from each other?

Snooki: Jenni always makes me not worry so much. I was very uncomfortable when I was pregnant and she always made me feel better. She told me I looked great, even though I knew I looked like a whale!

Jenni: Sometimes, I’m an over-thinker and I think too much ahead. Nicole has always told me to just go with the flow and have a good time. And I really think that’s the best thing. Not always think that every action there is a reaction. Just let go and let loose.

What are some television shows that you guys love watching together, and why?

Snooki: We love watching Mob Wives because it’s our guilty pleasure and I feel like that’s how we’re going to be in 20 years. Of course, mine is going to be the crazy fighting. Also, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo! It’s actually a really great show and family, and I hate that people make fun of them just because they’re different.

Jenni: We just adore Honey Boo Boo – she is just so sweet. We think the family is so sweet. With Mob Wives – you have to watch it. The show is unbelievable!

If you guys could travel somewhere outside of the United States together, where would you want to go?

Snooki: I know we talked about going to Australia together. I know we’d have a lot of fun. The people there seem like so much fun, too. I’d love to have a tour there and meet our fans.

Jenni: I would love to go to Ibiza with Nicole! I would love to embrace the Spanish culture and do a big European trip!

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