Experience a piece of Italy at Global Village

Experience a piece of Italy at Global Village

Enjoy a world of music, creativity, amazing masks and costumes at the Italian pavilion at Global Village

By Suchitra Steven Samuel

Published: Wed 9 Mar 2016, 4:24 PM

Last updated: Wed 9 Mar 2016, 8:02 PM

Rome, Venice, Milan, names of Italian cities instantly bring to mind picturesque façades and canals, a deep sense of history and the seat of today's fashion industry. Tourists flock to Italy in droves, in order to experience rich musical traditions, the varied architecture and cultural heritage.
Once again, visitors to Dubai can experience a little piece of Italy at the Italian pavilion at Global Village. An attractive Venetian façade greets visitors, beckoning them in with the aromas of mouth-watering pasta and even trees from Italy. The pavilion takes its inspiration from the narrow roads that so characterise Rome and various other cities in Italy. Roaming street acts and performers wearing period costumes interact with visitors and take them back in time to the historical city of Venice in Dubai.
"This is our third year at Global Village. As in previous years, we are trying to give visitors a really unique Italian experience inside the pavilion," explains Khalid Al Aini, organiser of the Italy pavilion. "Known for being one of the centres of the fashion industry, we have plenty of options, especially leather goods in the latest styles. Look out for high-quality Italian handbags. There is also a special shop that customises fabrics," Khalid informs.
Italy, a country also famous for its food such as pizza, pasta, gelato and espresso, does not disappoint in its Dubai edition. And Italian cuisine is showcased in all its glory with a plethora of different tastes. Authentic Italian ingredients, in sync with the Italian heritage, are readily available. The range includes plenty of special pasta, pasta sauces, oil and everything you can imagine. You can purchase coloured, flavoured pastas from fusilli to spaghetti that come from specific regions of Italy, as well as sweets from Sicily. So to all the mums out there, buy some pastas in various hues and shapes, mix them with colourful vegetables to impress your kids and make them eat healthier. That's not all, a visit to the Italian pavilion cannot be complete without a visit to the stall that sells authentic Gelato ice-creams, which come in a wide variety of flavours. Says Khalid, "The unique pastas and sauces continue to be very popular buys in the pavilion. Sicilian sweets and truffles are sought-after by children and adults alike with lots of people walking out with big bags of sweets to take home for family and friends."
It's not just about the Italian food, which is almost an art form. The pavilion even has a stall which sells olive and lemon trees brought to Global Village directly from the south of Italy, many of which are just one or two years old. The kiosk provides shoppers with a catalogue that has some trees that are over 500 years old, which they can order here in the UAE and will be delivered to them. With such exclusive opportunities on offer which have been so very well received by visitors, there is no wonder that people keep coming back for more.
Culturally, Italy is also considered the birthplace of opera. The Italian pavilion recently hosted a group of 10 singers who performed classical Italian opera songs at the main Global Village stage. Are you fond of handicrafts and interesting pieces to personalise your home? Then look out for handmade creations with a touch of Italy. Wire art exhibits - tiny bicycles, pendants and others rouse the interest of visitors. The City of Venice is also known for its festivals that brought out masks in different styles. They are made of paper mache, ceramic or resin and decorated with feathers in bright colours.
Friday evenings see large groups of teenagers drawn to temporary hairbrush tattoos done at the pavilion. Meanwhile, caricature cartoonists combine art and fun producing fascinating results. Other exhibits showcase the fashion styles of ancient Italy. So why wait? Check out the Italy pavilion.

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