Emirati actor Ibrahim Al Meresi tests positive for cononavirus

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Published: Tue 21 Apr 2020, 9:41 AM

Last updated: Wed 22 Apr 2020, 11:51 AM

Emirati actor Ibrahim Al Meresi recently announced that he has tested positive for Covid-19.
In an Instagram post, Al Meresi first shared photos of him in a hospital bed, wearing a mask and gloves. Shortly after, he posted a video where he talked about the symptoms he experienced, including losing his sense of taste and smell.
He also said he had been in self-quarantine at home even before he found out he was infected.
After he received the results of the Covid-19 test, Al Meresi admitted it put him in a "bad mood" initially; however, he started feeling better as time went by.

In a video posted on his YouTube Channel, he said that he has been in home quarantine for more than a week when he noticed the symptoms. He had a blocked nose, but there was no cough.
He said that people stay positive, and he was able to do so by praying and reading the Holy Qur'an more.
The Emirati actor has worked i three Emirati movies - El-Am Naji in UAE (uncle Naji), Beta'a Kollo (Down for anything), and Fareej Al Taybeen (The Team Of Good People).
He is not the first celebirty in the UAE to be infected with cononavirus. Two days ago, Emirati actor Belal Abdullah announced that his grandchild was infected with the virus.

By Hesham Ahmed Salah, Yousuf Saifuddin Kapadia

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