Dubbing trouble

Why Sofia Vergara is being dubbed in Spanish

Emmy Nominee and Colombia native Sofia Vergara has no idea why someone else was hired to dub her character on Modern Family for the show’s Latin American edition.

“Friends and family called to tell me, ‘We really don’t like it. We know it’s not you — and that woman sounds horrible,’” Vergara says, laughing.

She still doesn’t know who the mysterious vocal artist is, as 20th Century Fox Television didn’t return calls.

But this isn’t the first time the company has had issues with dubbing. In 2005, unionized voice actors in Mexico for The Simpsons (Los Simpson) were replaced with nonunion talent for the show’s 16th season, following a labour dispute. When Fox failed to intervene, angry fans signed a petition demanding the original voices be reinstated.

Colombian fans at least have an alternative: An English-language version of Modern Family with subtitles is airing on the international Canal Fox.

As for Vergara, she likes her voice and style. “(Latinas) are loud, passionate and voluptuous,” she says. “I wouldn’t want to be described any other way.”

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