Dubai's Lisa Lazarus can make you famous

Dubais Lisa Lazarus can make you famous
Former Miss GB Lisa Lazarus

By David Light

Published: Tue 25 Oct 2016, 5:38 PM

Last updated: Sun 15 Jan 2017, 10:44 AM

SHE'S DONE IT all. Degrees and Masters in healthcare and aesthetics, a Miss Great Britain title, a Miss Universe finalist and even a part in Bollywood film Veer with Salman Khan. Now Welsh career woman and Dubai resident Lisa Lazarus has begun to spread her knowledge of the modelling world among the rest of the UAE by opening her own agency MA Models.
We ask her what it takes to make the grade.   

What made you move over to the UAE and found a modelling agency? Are you looking for applicants? Will you be doing any modelling over here yourself?
I originally moved to Dubai to pursue a career in aesthetics but decided on starting the MA Model Academy where I was training new models and helping them sign with other agencies. The business took off and I launched MA Models, Dubai's independent model and talent agency, over a year ago. The industry is growing and I am so lucky to be part of it, we are expanding the agency each season and always looking for motivated individuals to join the team. We are always on the hunt for new models locally and internationally.
My modeling days are over, I still participate in photo shoots for magazine appearances or one off fashion shows but the rest I leave to the new fresh faces, I much prefer being behind the camera and organising the whole show.

What does it take to be a pageant winner and model over all? Do you have any 'Golden Rules' you can give us?
It is import to remember who you are and be true to yourself. A beauty queen is a role model to young girls and a spokesperson.
A career in modelling is far from easy so you must be prepared to work hard. It's a lot more than just being pretty, models must take care of themselves with a healthy lifestyle and good diet. My golden rule is models must get their beauty sleep, at least 8hours a night, drink plenty of water and look after your skin.
Models must be committed to turn up to castings and be on time. We do not tolerate lateness or unprofessional models.
At MA Models we do monthly checks with models to make sure they are looking after themselves and always representing the agency to the best of their ability. Models who work well go far in the industry.

How did it feel to go through the Miss GB and Miss Universe contests? What was the experience like? Is it cutthroat competition, or is it surprisingly relaxed?
The Miss Great Britain final was my second regional competition so I went in with experience and knowing what to expect I was able to prepare and work hard before the competition. Not only are you judged on your looks but also your general knowledge, intellectual ability and intelligence.
Miss Universe was a life changing experience, the competition took part in Vietnam, so it was wonderful to see a part of Asia I hadn't been before. There were over 100 girls from all over the world, each wanting to win. The competition was hard but it was defiantly more about taking part. Some of the girls are still my closest friends and I will forever be grateful.

How did you find yourself in Bollywood? What was the experience like working with Salman Khan? Do you keep up with the Bollywood world and do you have any other favourite movies and performers?
I got spotted in the Miss Universe final by Bollywood director Vijay Gillani. Straight from Vietnam I was invited to India to meet with the cast. I fell in love with India straight away.
Filming Veer was unforgettable, it was my first time in India and acting in a Bollywood movie, there was lots of dancing and long night filming but Salman Khan was such an inspiration to work with, we all had so much fun on set.
I am very proud of Amy Jackson, we acted in her first Indian movie together and she has gone on to do amazing roles and become a Bollywood star.

What is it about Dubai that appeals to you?
Dubai is such a cosmopolitan city with so much to offer, I have met so many people here and been given so many opportunities. I am a huge fan of the ruler. He has done exceptional things. It's is a very safe place to live and it's now the place I call home.

How do you stay in shape? Do you have any fitness and diet tips you adhere to?

I love to keep active but I do find going to the gym boring so try to do other activities like yoga, horse riding and bike riding when the weather is cooler.
I do outdoor running at least twice a week, it can also help unwind after a stressful day.
What do you enjoy doing here in Dubai for entertainment?

I am a big kid at heart so I love the activities and adventure parks. I love Atlantis water park and going horse riding in the desert. On lazy days, I spend the afternoon at the cinema. Reel platinum suites are my favourite.

Lisa Lazarus
Lisa Lazarus
Lisa during her pageant days
Lisa during her pageant days
Lisa now heads Dubai model agency MA Models
Lisa now heads Dubai model agency MA Models

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