Dubai's Coca-Cola Arena opens with Russell Peters comedy show


Dubais Coca-Cola Arena opens with Russell Peters comedy show

Dubai - The Canadian comedian performed at the new 17,000-seater Coca Cola Arena at City Walk. 

By Michael Gomes

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Published: Sat 8 Jun 2019, 2:10 PM

Last updated: Tue 11 Jun 2019, 8:45 PM

There would perhaps have been no better opening for Dubai's spanking new entertainment venue, the Coca Cola Arena, on Thursday night, than a performance by the immensely popular Canadian standup-comedy superstar Russell Peters. He made the almost packed 17,000-seater indoor venue roar with laughter from the moment he took to the stage at 9.30pm and had the audience in splits with each and every punchline until he brought the curtains down with final gag at 11pm.
"Hey, Dubai! I'd like you to literally stop clapping while I'm walking out here, like," Peters quipped as the crowd welcomed him on stage with incessant claps and whistles.
"First of all, Eid Mubarak to all of you. Give it up for Jason Collings and DJ Starting From Scratch, at least they bring white people," he went on in his typical style as he introduced the two warm-up acts while kicking off what was an hour-and-a-half session of non-stop jibes loaded with his risque 'X-rated' content.
Earlier, Los Angeles-based comedian Collings opened the show with his spoofs - on flying, travel woes especially while waiting in queues, and a host of other observational subjects. His act warmed-up the crowd for the laugh riot that was waiting for them next.
Peters did not take time to warm-up and get into his elements. Having entertained audiences around the world for three decades, from the moment he stepped on stage, the veteran had the crowds in splits.
Famed for his witty takes on all ethnicities and cultures, and a talent for mimicking accents and body languages, Peters' opening line didn't come as a surprise. "Asian guy, how are you, good to see you," said the comedian in his typical fashion, as the crowd egged him on with their continuous claps and whistles.
Peters' performance in Dubai was part of his Deported World Tour, which began last year and has already covered about 20 countries. But with such a title for a show, we were wondering if his act would address immigrant issues, but that was not so, instead he fed off the energy of the crowd, especially from those seated in the front row, they had to bear the brunt of his jokes.
"What's your name?" he asked as he picked out a Kazakh woman from the audience.
"Ndira" she replied. "Indira?" "Like my people?" he asked her.
And that was just the beginning, many other nationalities were subject to his jokes, including Indians, Arabs, Africans, Germans and some others. But no matter how nasty his repartee would get, he had this incredible ability to pass off even the snidest of remark in a jovial and acceptable manner.
Besides his skits on races and cultures, Peters' act also offered comical insights into his personal life and everyday experiences. He left the audience in stitches with take on India and Indians - mimicking their mannerism, how he dealt with his own parents, tackling weight issues, undergoing a medical procedure, and a bit about bringing up his own children.
Peters' act was liberally sprinkled with expletives and 'adult' jokes, something we cannot express in print though. But then, that, we guess, is what makes him one of the world's most-sought-after stand-ups.
The comedian's act was so engaging that while going through one of his skits, he abruptly ended it and said, "Thank you very much Dubai. You guys are awesome."
And before the crowd realised it, he had left the stage. The show was over, on the dot, at 11pm. The comedian briefly returned on stage with his mobile to take a video clip of the crowd and the impressive new indoor venue, perhaps to be preserved for posterity. After all, he was the first to perform in this magnificent venue. And as the crowd slowly started making their way out of the arena, there was no doubt that they would remember this massive dose of laughter for a long time.
With such a grand launch, the Coca Cola Arena seems to be headed for busy days ahead. With its spacious, well-fitted interiors, above average acoustics, ample food and beverage counters, easy access by road and metro and it's envious location, this venue rocks.

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