Dubai Musings: Never mind the scallops

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Dubai Musings: Never mind the scallops

Adam Zacharias defends his brain-dead approach to post-work grocery shopping

By Adam Zacharias

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Published: Sat 26 Oct 2013, 12:39 PM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 7:53 AM

DESPITE LIVING WITHIN walking distance from a large Carrefour next to Satwa’s 2nd December Street – a pop song’s length stroll on my iPod – I try to avoid repeated post-work trips to the supermarket on any given week.

Rather than putting this down to sheer laziness, I prefer to think of my grocery shopping as an exercise in streamlining. I tend to pick the same 15 or so food items for my mental shopping list and head for the same products on the same shelves with Pavlovian efficiency (chicken, bread, eggs, tomatoes etc).

This cuts out the aimless wandering of the uninitiated shopper – replacing it with a robotic yet mercifully brief march beneath the glaring supermarket lights.

And, once home, I’m doubly rewarded as I have a small, healthy(ish) array of foodstuffs to see me through the next few days’ dinner. Working on a roster of approximately four meal choices at any given time, I also shun the notion of experimentation in the kitchen during the working week – instead satiating my need to feed ASAP.

At present, the dinner roster comprises baked beans on toast, chicken fajitas, an omelette or soup. Is it a childishly simple approach to self-sustenance? Admittedly yes. But it also bats away the urge for a post-work takeaway and lets me eat within 10 minutes of arriving home. Zombies might like to eat brains, but I prefer to leave mine thoroughly unengaged when I’m feeding myself. (

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