Dubai musician composes song of hope in times of Covid-19

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Singer Nik Uzi (Nikhil Uzgare)

Nik Uzi also invites readers to participate in the making of the video

By Michael Gomes

Published: Sun 22 Mar 2020, 12:50 PM

Last updated: Mon 23 Mar 2020, 5:19 PM

Given the current pandemic scenario and the ban on concerts and live shows, musicians are coming up with novel ideas and are doing their bit to ease up the situation while keeping themselves occupied in self-isolation.
Dubai-based singer Nik Uzi (Nikhil Uzgare) has come up with a new song called Mother Earth that fits the times. The track, which will be released on all social media channels on April 2,  talks about how we have taken nature for granted while advising people to rethink their commitments to the planet and what they could do to keep the eco-space safe and healthy. The end message in the song is a positive and encouraging one that talks about how mankind will survive and fight this pandemic.
The song has been written, composed and arranged by Nik in collaboration with a talented group of local musicians. "The song has a pop-rock feel with a touch of other genres like hip-hop, rap, etc. The musicians include Royden Mascarenhas, from the band Point Of View, who laid down the guitars, pianist and vocal coach Ivana Nikodia, saxophone duties were handled by Dobbie Nikolov, and Gak Jonze added in some rap to the whole vibe," explained Nik about the song.
 "Mother Earth will be used to promote the message of good health, love, prevention of illness, kindness and awareness. For musicians, this is a chance to be a part of something fulfilling. It is also an opportunity for them to promote their music and a good cause through digital media, now that most things are under quarantine or on hold," said Nik.  
"Everyone can contribute to the making of this music video by sending a clip with a message across to us. The plan is to get the song ready before the end of the month. People whose videos have been selected will be notified. As much as I would have wanted to get more people involved, it is not logistically possible. But do keep in mind that your video contributions are priceless," he added.
The song is dedicated to all those working on the front line who are risking their lives every day to serve people under quarantine. It is also dedicated to members of the medical profession who are working tirelessly through this extremely testing time. The song also features Nikhil's daughter, Samaia Uzgare, an aspiring 7-year-old singer.

How one can participate in the music video of Mother Earth:
1. Make a 5-second video clip holding a placard/or a display on a TV screen that describes how you feel about today's scenario in one word. For example: Love, Fear, Kindness, Health, and Awareness etc. You could also come up with your own unique word.
2. The video has to be shot on a phone camera that supports 4k recording in landscape format. Do not take videos on the selfie camera, use the main lens of the mobile.
3. The video could be informal. You could be sitting on a sofa, lazing on the floor, in the kitchen cooking, or even holding your pet. The idea is to promote the importance of 'Responsible Quarantine' or what this time means to you.
4. Don't forget to mention your name and the nature of your job as it will give people an idea of how everyone is in this together and are equal regardless of what they do in life.
5. Musicians should mention their name and the style of music they perform. The video can help promote their music.
6. Email videos to or WhatsApp on 050-1139873. Ensure your videos are sent in by Wednesday, March 25. If you want to send these videos across on WhatsApp then mention your name and profession along with your message.

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