Dubai Ladies Club hosts workshops on health, nutrition and housekeeping

DUBAI LADIES Club, a member of the Dubai Establishment for Women, recently organised workshops on women’s health, nutrition and basic self surviving skills which...

ladiesfocuses on domestic technicality, as part of the Complete Woman Programme, currently in its ninth week.

Aznita Aziz, Project Development Manager at Dubai Ladies Club, said: "We seek to provide women with practical solutions to make their lives easier. This will enable them to play a positive role in the community and focus their energy to develop individual skills."

The Complete Woman Programme included a special workshop on nutrition during pregnancy which offered various useful tips. The workshop on health highlighted measures to safeguard against harmful atmospheric changes that could affect the body. Participants were also briefed about additional skills to handle technical maintenance tasks and ways to deal with basic emergencies at home.

"Throughout our focus was to define the best practices related to the right nutrition systems. This is quite relevant to prevent risks of serious ailments including obesity, diabetes and hypertension in an era dominated by fast and ready made food. The workshops offered some specific advice on healthy food and dietary practices to correct some misconceptions,” said Dr. Wafaa Hilmi Ayesh, instructor on women’s nutrition programme.

Dr Suad Lutfi, women’s health & personal appearance instructor, said: "Our first impressions about others are mostly based on external appearance. Keeping this in mind, the programme was designed to familiarise participants on the best ways to take care of their appearance. The workshops also provided valuable information on how to maintain a healthy body with a strong personality.”

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