Dubai connects with Shahid

Dubai connects with Shahid

The actor stole the show at the star-studded premiere of Kismat Konnection in Dubai MOST PEOPLE who landed up for the premiere of Kismat Konnection at Grand Cineplex on Wednesday, did so in the hope of catching a glimpse of their favourite stars, Vidya Balan and Shahid Kapur on the red carpet.

The duo did not indulge their fans with a timely arrival. But to be fair, the invite did mention that the actors would only be ‘in attendance’.

Wish someone had told this to the family who were patiently hovering around the ‘red carpet’ much after the film had started, to catch Vidya Balan (somehow they looked more the Balan type than Kapur fans to us). However, kudos to the organisers for making sure the film started on time.

When Kapur and Balan did arrive halfway through the movie - they in fact sat through a bit of it too - the response was phenomenal. Also spotted in the crowd was M F Hussain.

We were particularly taken in by the little girl who, egged on by her brother, hopped on to a chair and shouted out to Shahid saying, “You are so cute.” And the ultimate, “Shahid, you rock!”

To the lady in red who used the seats as a stepping stone to reach out to Shahid (we somehow didn’t get the feeling the frenzy was for Ms Balan) we just have a question - would you like someone stomping all over the chair you are going to sit on?

Vidya to her credit, tried to play it safe in black, but the shiny top and the short skirt did nothing to up her fashion quotient. And whatever did Ms Balan mean when she called upon all to come and watch the movie again with their friends, family, neighbours and neighbour’s dogs?

All in all the premiere proved that a Shahid starrer can drag in fans even on a weekday.

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