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Dubai-based American singer Dynysty Meshack on her rise to the top

Dubai-based American singer Dynysty Meshack on her rise to the top

Dubai-based American singer and record label exec Dynysty Meshack lets us in on her rise to the top.

By David Light - Senior Reporter

Published: Tue 16 Jun 2015, 8:41 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 2:47 PM

Like many born in California, dreams of stardom are never far from the imagination. The Golden State is home to America’s entertainment industry power-base, Hollywood, and if Tinsel Town’s influence and draw can penetrate the furthest reaches of the Earth, it can have a profound effect on its local residents.

 Dynysty Meshack has been immersed in California her whole life. Born in San Francisco and later moving to Los Angeles, the recording artist rose through the ranks to start making her own tracks, before recently moving to Dubai to co-establish and head up the UAE office of One Vision Records.

 Here we speak to Dynysty to find out more about her music and how she finds life in the Middle East. 

How would you describe your style of music to those that havent heard it yet?

My signature style is rap with a mix of hip hop and R&B. But because my love for music is so diverse, I also have soul, pop, pop/rock and dance tracks as well. I think when my audience first hears my signature style tracks they’ll think it’s hip and catchy. My first single All Eyes On Me will be released online in July. 

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Michael Jackson because he was a musical genius and phenomenal performer. I also love Janet Jackson as well because of her musical diversity - how she can go from one genre to another.  

How would you describe your personality? Do you think it is well suited to the music business?

I‘m all about positive energy, I’m outgoing and free spirited, a live-for-the-moment type. But I’m a very dedicated hard worker and very passionate about my craft. Because of my go-with-the-flow attitude it allows me to adapt to changes and working with different people.

Have you always been involved with music?

Since I was young I have always had a strong passion and love for music. I was in choir and most of my life always wrote songs.

 When I was in LA I was always around music.  I worked on many music video sets, such as those for Chris Brown, Kesha, Kid Kudi, Kanye West, Ludacris and more. I used to work for a casting agency in LA for actors, so we casted for films, TV shows, and music videos.I went into modelling and acting after that.

 I am very thankful I have such a loving supporting family who supports in my career and stand by me and believe in me. It means the world to me.

As a female artist, how have your experiences in the music industry been? Do you believe it is more difficult for a female artist to be accepted and promoted in todays industry? 

Fortunately my experiences have been good, due to the fact that I have a good management team. But I have had times where people have tried to pursue me. It makes it uncomfortable to work. I think some people in this industry try to use their leverage to get with they want and maybe for many it has worked. I wish that would change. Just like any other field, when you’re doing a job, you should keep it professional. 

What has been the best memory to date during your time as a performer?

Performing in Indonesia. It just makes you realise no matter what language or what part of the world you are from, people connect with music.

You appear to travel a lot. Where is your favourite place to visit and to perform? 

My favourite place in the world is the Seychelles. It’s one place I want to travel to forever and ever.  It’s like paradise. It’s not too touristyand still has a simple way of life. I’m really looking forward to performing there one day.

How do you now find living in Dubai? How did One Vision Records come about?

Dubai is nice - the architecture is amazing, but it’s very different from where I am from. I’m a workaholic. I work on music, song writing, as well as working with my business partner Jeff on our music production company, but when I have free time I enjoy dinner and walks around the Marina. 

 I often used to record in LA. There I met the artist Jeff  Maximum, who lives in Dubai. We started collaborating musically. With working together and seeing the same vision business-wise, we decided to start One Vision Records and I came over.

What is your ultimate ambition? How do you think youll achieve it?

To be an international superstar and a successful entrepreneur. I’m hard working, but I keep good people around me and that helps. I’m very diverse. I get along with many people from different lifestyles and backgrounds. I can go from being a hippie chick to red carpet events and Hollywood parties. So my friends are from all walks of life. As long as they’re good people, genuine and we have common interests and common respect, that’s all that matters.

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