Dragon Mart: A China shopping Town

DID YOU ever think that driving along the middle of the desert, cutting through the landscape of the UAE, amidst the dust and sand you would stumble upon China town? Sounds bizarre, but along the Emirates road high way, Dragon Mart is the UAE's indoor version of China town.

By Lubna Al-midfa (Staff Reporter)

Published: Sun 20 May 2007, 10:35 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 12:31 AM

Built exactly like a mall, with 10 sections from block A to J, this two-year-old centre is still relatively new to many.

The mart offers almost everything from paintings to electrical appliances, traditional Chinese clothes and fans, health care products, furniture, lighting fixtures, children's toys, sports equipment, stationary cosmetics and has even their own Chinese grocery store. There is much more on sale here and all from China.

In the first block (main entrance) Li Jian Chun sells oil paintings of impressionism and oriental themes in decorative chinese frames.

The 70 square metre shop of Ebrahim Bin Sarm Frames Trading EST holds around 800 paintings. Even the largest paintings here cost only about Dh300. Smaller ones range from Dh35 to Dh50, some of which are computerised, deceiving the eye at first as the colours are very lifelike.

The shop whose company is Putian City Jiyou Arts and frames Co., LTD also sells furniture from which the company offers over 250 unique furniture reproductions in the classical styles of French, American, English and Italian. A medium sized table here costs about Dh450 while the larger ones can be had for around Dh700.

As you stroll down the mall, you will also notice a lot of massage equipments. The massage I- Rest chair for example in the XINYI Trading shop, which is selling for Dh7,800 includes hand massage, leg and feet massage with acupressure. It offers different types of massage such as shiatsu, kneed, flap, and knock.

The air bag massage for the legs also works on the many pressure points of the legs and the same applies to the arms. An MP3 player also comes with the chair so that one can listen to one's favourite music while undergoing a massage. Also included is jade stones on a remote device, which the sales person said acts as a heater. It is applied to different points of the body affected by staying for long hours in an Air Conditioned room.

Dress up your house

The lighting fixtures in crystal, copper and glass, all made in China, comes in a range of Dh325 to Dh14,500. Garden lighting and lampposts can be bought for Dh59 and Dh100. Natural marble lighting fixtures can also be found priced from Dh385 up to Dh1,100.

Pretty traditional Chinese clothes in turquoise, pink and beige in silk as well as cotton for children and women are every where as well as pure silk Chinese night dresses hand painted with floral designs. Prices for children's wear starts from Dh20, and Dh40 and above for the ladies wear. Traditional Chinese men's wear is also available, such as a black silk blouse with Chinese circular motifs in golden which costs Dh70.

If you are looking for accessories, you will find an array of designs of fresh water pearls and jade in the main block (main entrance) in the shop Love Pearl House. The price range here is Dh50-3,200.

The mall also includes a section on house furniture. Al-Jawdah Jin long Building Materials Co., LTD is one such store that focuses mainly on manufacturing beautiful doors, all made in China, some in high quality pure solid wood like Burmatic wood which costs Dh7,800 for about 4 square metres, semi solid wood, titanium alloy metal mixed which is especially durable and suitable for this regions climate as it is anti sunshine, water and sand.

The shop includes stained glass designs with a price range of Dh350-795 as well as art glass, which looks like stained glass but is formed by a different method giving it a more textured effect. Some doors have the dragon symbol, which in Chinese mythology and culture protects the home, keeps its inhabitants safe and brings good luck and money to that home.

In the China Garden Store you will find many bamboo plants as well as the indoor bonsai plant which lives up to 100 years. According to Chinese and Asian cultures, this plant is a wishing well believed to bring good luck.

At the Lushaunjiu health tea store you will find green tea, jasmine tea, ginseng tea as well as the traditional Chinese tea sets priced at Dh40.

In the grocery store you will be surprised to find Chinese spices, cooking bases, pickles as well as sweets and other Chinese food items.

The mall offers much more items such as children's games, sports equipment and machinery for one to explore.

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