Do you expect celebrity kids to be like ordinary debutants?

AS RISHI Kapoor's son Ranbir, Anil Kapoor's daughter Sonam, Govinda's daughter Narmada, Mithun Chakraborty's son Mimoh and badminton ace Prakash Padukone's daughter Deepika get ready for their Bollywood debuts, the grapevine is dripping...

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Published: Mon 3 Sep 2007, 11:17 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 12:45 AM

dowith stories of their shenanigans.

Let's start with Mimoh, who is reported to have told another star aspirant, "You're just a working-class parents' daughter. How can you afford a Nokia N-series mobile that costs 22,000 rupees?" Despite this, Mimoh, who will make his debut in Raj N Sippy's Jimmy, is said to be quite a charmer. "He wears his heart on his sleeve," says a PYT who hobnobbed with the star son on a social occasion. "And he deluged me with text messages." All of which was fine until the long-haired youngster was rebuffed. His response was too good to be true. "I'm Mithun Chakraborty's son. Girls love me." Mimoh is reportedly crazy about controversial Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan. Perhaps he should try the line on her.

Or turn his attention to Hansika Motwani who debuted in d1Aap Ka Suroor. A unit hand on the sets of Jimmy says he overheard Hansika's mother encouraging her daughter to be "friendly to Mimoh" because he is a star son. Meanwhile, Mimoh, clears his fair name. "I go out of my way to make people comfortable on the sets. Else, it won't look natural when we have to shoot intimate scenes. But that doesn't mean I go around kissing girls after the shoot. I flirt, yes, but in a healthy way," he says defensively.

At Mumbai's Barbarian gymnasium, treadmills grind to a standstill and dumbbells are lowered when Govinda's daughter Narmada walks in for her session. "She wants the complete attention of trainer Satya when she comes in," says a gym regular. "She also wants the treadmill to be reserved for her, so that when she's ready to exercise, she doesn't have to wait." The attractive teenager drops her dad's name frequently enough and is said to be quite high-handed in her relations with the other more lowly Barbarians.

d3On the sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Saawariya, Sonam Kapoor is soaking up the attention. While the no-nonsense director is known to keep his young actors in check, making sure they don't get any unnecessary concessions, unit hands say the star daughter still gets pampered. Although mobile phones are banned on Bhansali's set, young Sonam is allowed to keep hers. "And she also insists on escaping to her van in between shots, though Bhansali, perfectionist that he is, prefers his actors to stay put on the set, whether or not they're needed for the next shot," says a trade source. Sonam reportedly threw a tantrum once when she was admonished by Bhansali for mucking up a shot. She locked herself in her vanity van and stayed put until one of her parents drove to the studio to reason with her.

d2Almost six feet tall, Sonam, an ardent Salman Khan fan, is reportedly a child of the camera. Once the warpaint is on and the red lipstick in place, the actor in her surfaces. Those close to cinematographer Ravi Chandran say she's a star once the cameras whirr, and she knows it. There are reports of Sonam telling her United World classmates in Singapore, "Watch out for me. I'm gonna be an actress." In a recent interview she explained where she was coming from: "Why should I apologise for my family background? It's a privilege to be born as Anil Kapoor's daughter."

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan reportedly had a word of avuncular advice for his debutante heroine Deepika Padukone: keep a low profile till the publicity caravan for Om Shanti Om begins to roll. But young Deepika is said to have already hired her own set of publicity managers. The leggy, raven-haired, model-cum-actress has also gone ahead and signed her second film, Made In China, with actor Akshay Kumar.

d4So it comes as a pleasant surprise then that the biggest star of this little constellation, Ranbir Kapoor, on whose hairstyle says a junior artists, "Rs 8 to Rs 10 lakh have been spent", is reportedly the most down-to-earth of the lot. He has already been offered a whopping Rs 75 lakh to one crore as his fee even before Saawariya releases on November 9. However, even Mr Down-To-Earth has not cared to wait for godfather Bhansali's approval for his next project, an Aditya Chopra film where he is paired with Katrina Kaif, Bipasha Basu and Deepika Padukone.

"How do you expect celebrity kids to be like ordinary debutants?" asks trade analyst Amod Mehra. He adds loftily (albeit mixing a few metaphors), "They're bound to have a chip on their shoulder because they've never experienced a fire raging in their stomach. Born as they with golden spoons, they are a privileged lot."

The only consolation is that in a few years, this babalog batch will be replaced by new aspirants in the brat race.

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