World's second largest seller of flash-based digital storage media products, Lexar Media has introduced an array of new products in the Middle East. Lexar Media has digital memory cards in the industry's most popular formats including CompactFlash, Memory Stick, MultiMediaCard, ...

By Pradeep Kumar

Published: Mon 12 Jan 2004, 1:55 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:40 AM

SD, SmartMedia, and xD-Picture Card. Lexar Media's ATA controller solutions for industrial and OEM applications and its innovative intellectual property is licensed by some of the world's most respected companies.

For beginners, CompactFlash cards are essentially storage devices, which use high-capacity flash (CF) technology to store media rather than traditional magnetic media.

Externally, these cards behave as a removable hard drive.

USB-enabled CompactFlashTM integrates USB functionality into the controller chip on the CF card. This patented technology enables Lexar Media to manufacture and produce a low-cost USB-connectivity solution for Mac and PC platform.

And thus was born JumpShot

JumpShot is a small, low-cost, and optimised USB cable used to connect your USB-enabled CompactFlash card with your PC or Mac system at speeds up to 800KB/sec. Lexar Media is able to manufacture JumpShot at a low cost because the USB feature is integrated in the USB-enabled CompactFlash card, which eliminates extra components in the cable.

"Our JumpDrive 2.0 Pro is a new portable flash drive that utilises the USB 2.0 standard for faster data transfer rates. With the embedded Lexar Media patented high-speed controller and USB 2.0 compatibility, JumpDrive 2.0 Pro is capable of a sustained read speed of 6.0MB per second and a sustained write speed of 4.5MB per second, providing the fastest way to transfer files through a computer's USB port to a connected USB flash drive," says Steve Marriot, Senior Marketing Manager, Lexar Media Europe.

According to Lexar Media officials, JumpDrive 2.0 Pro is the most versatile storage device since the floppy. Compatibility with both PC and Mac computers, 256 megabytes of memory and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 speed to handle large files, make JumpDrive Pro an all-purpose tool for any computer user, they say.

A 256MB JumpDrive 2.0 Pro stores up to four CDs of MP3 music or about 176 floppy disks of data, yet is small enough to carry in a pocket or as a key chain. With a sustained read speed of 6.0MB per second, JumpDrive 2.0 Pro is capable of transferring 200 megabytes of video files in less than 50 seconds; 75 times faster than a floppy disk and six times faster than a USB 1.1 flash drive.

Lexar Media's Space Manager technology provides immediate and tangible benefits in high-performance applications like digital photography. According to the company, this technology allows many sectors to be programmed without any erase cycles, and blocks can be erased in the background when the system is idle. It reduces the wait time before another photograph can be taken and can mean the difference between capturing an important image or losing the moment.

As camera resolutions increase and digital-image files grow in size, the benefits of Space Manager technology will grow in importance.

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