He is a young adult of 22 years and there is already so much happening in his young life. He created an unruly scene at a casino in Tampa and was arrested for disorderly conduct. But the aftershock of this act was felt in The Apprentice show when Donald Trump delivered the dreaded ...

By Telly View By Manjula Ramakrishnan

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Published: Wed 27 Apr 2005, 2:12 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 2:50 PM

You are fired, lines to a tearful and sobbing Chris Shelton. While on the show Shelton was project manager for the street smart, team Networth competing against book smart, team called Magna. Both the teams had to design a brochure for the new two-seater from General Motors — the Pontiac Solstice. The Networth team did the unpardonable mistake of believing the car is a guy thing and designed the cover accordingly. So they draped a femme fatale over the car meant to impress the cool dudes, just that the powers that be — the Pontiac executives were far from impressed.

The Magna team took a creative and imaginative approach that got the chiefs all excited. They won the competition and were sent off on a celebratory trip to Madison Square Garden. The losers were sent to the boardroom to face the wrath of Donald Trump who was wilder over the Casino chaos than the designing debacle. He announced that Shelton had anger problems, and was a truly angry guy who needed to attend anger management counselling. Alas, that was one fistfight that cost him a glorious future in the Trump corporate world.

Geriatric designs

In Designing Women the women decide to touch base with their old teachers from school, for each of them have had a distinct influence on their young lives. One teacher resides in an old age home, a painter by hobby but who has forgotten her brush in the daily travails of life. And in the geriatric home it is a tough regime she can do without at her advancing age. The women decide to bring her home and to re-locate her in a place of her choice. There is lots of humour, an underlying current of sadness to do with the old and helpless and a good message to boot saying, several years down the line, each one of us will get there — and hopefully somebody will come to help us hapless folks then.

Thin is in

The programme Flab to Fab, on VH1 channel is pretty inspiring. Each episode finds three participants who crave to shed off their fat and come into enviable shape. For this they are put on a workout and dietary regimen that has been successfully followed by a celebrity. The recent episode had star singer Pink’s success formula and found the contestants slogging it out for 12 weeks.

A period when they are weighed every month and the person with the maximum weight decrease, toning and fat loss gets a gift each month. In order to emerge the final winner they go through 90 days of boot camp training, eating right and disciplined lifestyle. Towards the end of the three months they get pampered with spa treatment, hair and make-up from the best in the industry and a complete makeover. Through the programme they have celebrity trainers and experts to guide them. The before and after shots are truly motivating and make us run in the direction of the gym!

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