‘Deepika is just a girlfriend’

AFTER RULING the hearts of millions of movie-goers, she bid adieu to arc lights decades ago when she married Rishi Kapoor.

But, this bahu of the famed Kapoor khandaan of Bollywood has always been an integral part of tinseltown razzmatazz.

Despite all the ups and downs of life, Neetu Kapoor has stood out as a very poised woman with oodles of élan and style.

‘Age is just a number’ “To me, age is just a number. I feel about 20. In fact, I am 10 kilos lighter than I was in my 20s. My kids get fed up of me at times because I believe in eating right. That’s why despite being the Kapoors, Riddhima and Ranbir are so slim and fit!” ‘The girl for my Ranbir’ Seeing the manner in which Neetu has managed her home, husband and kids efficiently, makes you wonder whether it will be tough for any girl to measure up to her standards. After all, Ranbir, who adores his mom, will always compare his girl with Neetu. “If you give your 100 per cent to a job, you can achieve whatever you want.

Whenever a tap leaks at home kids say ‘mummy ko bulao.’ And when 10 people turn up unexpectedly, I also cook an impromptu meal. But, then our times were different. Ranbir knows that I fell in love with Rishi and got married to him, but the girl he marries may have had a few affairs earlier. Ranbir is intelligent and mature enough to understand this.” What does she have to say about Deepika Padukone, the girl Ranbir is in love with? “Deepika is just a girlfriend at the moment. And Ranbir has gone around with a few girls. But, the day he brings home a girl and tells me ‘this is the girl I want to marry,’ I will look at her in a different light.” And what are the qualities that she’s looking for in her future bahu? “Ranbir is a guy who is free of all artifice, so his wife has to be a very simple, and innocent person. He can’t take any kind of betrayal.” And what’s this talk about her and Rishi doing a TV show together? “We have been getting a lot of offers for the past few years. But, we will do it only if we are convinced that it will click with the masses,” says she.

Ranbir on mom Neetu Kapoor

MOM TURNING 50 is not a decisive moment for me... she remains eternally beautiful. I guess all sons believe their mothers are the best. But look at my mom at 50! Unlike many women who tend to stop caring about their appearance after a certain age, she really looks after herself to this day. She leads a strictly disciplined life.

And it shows.

I know nobody in or outside the industry who feels unkindly about her. She spreads such positive vibes. It’s her positivity that has nurtured me.

She’s still the first person to know what’s going on in my life.

I depend on mom for everything, from cutting my nails to ordering my deodorant and arranging my clothes for every occasion.

Mom loves me more than she loves anyone in the family. My sister Riddhima knows this. I love the excitement on mom’s face when she sees a promo of mine.

She keeps all the articles on me in a folder.

I’m trying to make my parents proud, but even if I didn’t try, mom would be proud of me anyway.

Now I’ll tell you a secret. I don’t enjoy watching mom’s films at all. She has gone through three stages in her life: as the child actor Baby Sonia; then the popular star Neetu Singh; and, finally as Mrs Neetu Kapoor.

That’s where I came in.

But on screen, she’s not mom. That’s Neetu Singh, the actress whom millions loved. And I don’t want to share her with the world.

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