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Ejhas I think you are the smartest thing in KT. I just love the way you handle debates, you get down to the nitty gritty without any bloviating. So to all those who criticize your big head, all I can say is that they should be so lucky to have your big brain.

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Published: Fri 11 Aug 2006, 1:03 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 4:25 PM

Remember bigger is better. - AM

Dear Media Mole I'm totally fed up with your rants. I think you are a certifiable moron, a hypocritical loud mouthed fool. Why don't you get a life and discover something good to say about the world? It may shock you that you know nothing, so say nothing. - Toby

Anil Kumar your tie yesterday triggered a flood of memories for me. The design and colour reminded me so much of candy floss that I called up everyone I knew trying to find a place where I could get one. Any ideas? - Sandy

Sometimes I disagree with you Mr Galadari, but one thing I know for sure, if there was just one guy that can turn things around and bring the truth out in a fair and balanced way — it's you. The world needs more people like you. - Dave

Yasir what's the matter with you? You have to be meticulously planning everything down to a T and instead you are just messing everything up. What you need my friend is a booster dose — you haven't got one for a while now and that's the reason why you are faffing all the time. -M&M

I wish the Couch Potato would just shut up for a change. He is nothing but a low life. Get a grip and come up with some decent criticism if you have to. - Natalie

Chandroo you are an egoistical little man ... but I'm not sure who is worse, you or Ejhas. I'm told you are looking out for someone like Paris Hilton to work with you. That's very nice, but now stop dreaming and get back to work. - P Stevens

Hey City Times, where is Party Patrol? I miss those lovely faces, us men need to see beautiful women not boring old windbags. Bring back the fun. - Sean J

I've been reading about Paul and Heather nearly everyday now. In my opinion Paul was blinded by what he thought was love and he did not ask Heather to sign a contract to protect his fortune. Maybe Heather is a gold digger but why blame her, anyone in her place might have done the same in her situation. Good luck Heather and try to get as much as you can, Paul can afford it.


Heather Mills is despicable. She is an awful woman who is looking for publicity — good or bad. The sooner Macca gets her out of his life, the better off he'll be. I think she should leave the marriage with what she brought into it and no more. Macca has made a bad choice, hope he will think more clearly next time around. - Lisa

Whoever heard of a black Bond? It's simply unthinkable. Diddy has a lot of style, is a successful business man and makes more money in a year than many poeple will do in a lifetime, but he has no class and would be totally wrong for the Bond role.- Suresh

Hi City Times, I think it's endearing that a teenager such as Beatrice loves and admires her mum. And while Fergie has made some missteps in life, who hasn't? Andrew and Fergie should be congratulated for raising such a sweet daughter as Beatrice. - Robyn

Loved the article 'Wanna Bea like mum'. Sarah is a survivor and has brought up two smashing children with the love and support of their father.- Christina

Why do you carry an article on Prescott everyday? He looks terrible and in fact when you look at his face it sort of reflects all that is miserable in Britain. - Peter D

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