I must say that the Chicken George article, articulated the sheer inefficiency of the Bush regime in tackling the Katrina disaster. It is a real shame to see the world's most powerful nation being reduced to a state of anarchy that it finds itself in.

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Published: Fri 16 Sep 2005, 4:37 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 6:25 PM

It was a complete breakdown of humanity, and even though the flood waters will recede in the time to come, the world must now seriously prioritise its priorities; are we going to die fighting, or live our lives in the way it is meant to be peacefully. - Emily Stewart

The Bush family is now viewed across the world as the most 'villainous' of all those to have occupied the seat of power in America. Perhaps, it would not be unfavourable to compare Barbara Bush with Marie Antionette of France who once thought cake was a good alternative to bread when her subjects were starving. Barbara Bush remark on the 'underprivileged' in New Orleans smacks of her ignorance of the poverty that some Americans are wallowing in. In that context I loved the spoof that you did in the City Times issue, dated September 8. The Bush family has become the subject of ridicule and the sooner they admit their shortcomings, the better it would be for all of us. - Krishnakant Sahay

England's famous victory over Australia to win the Ashes after 18 years of dismal performances warms the heart of every underdog like me. For years, I have always been on the side of the 'fighting underdog' — people like Ivan Lendl and Andre Agassi — people who would fight on, despite being seriously unlucky at most times. This victory tells us that if we keep trying we can always upset the odds — no matter how heavily they are stacked against us. - Alan F.

The last time I expressed my exasperation at my wife's unstoppable greed for cosmetics, I was met with a stare that froze icicles into my veins. Thankfully, City Times, put that article about corpses being used to develop beauty products on the front page and my wife, who is not much of a newspaper reader, noticed it. I am happy to say that she was seriously sick for two days. Suddenly it seemed that she had been transformed into a plain Jane — that very quality of appearance that had made me fall in love with her several years ago. The last I heard she was checking the contents that go into making her favourite lipstick. - A very relieved husband

I just cannot understand why some countries can have nuclear weapons, and others cannot. Why on earth can't North Korea or Iran have them? The bigger, more powerful countries have no right to dictate terms and conditions upon the less powerful. After all, we all know who used weapons of mass destruction first. - Nuclear nanny

Pradeep, now that you are back from your vacations with an additional outgrowth on your chin, I hope you have recovered enough vigour to last you for the rest of the year. You are well aware that at KT, there is not a minute to rest, or to take it easy. On your toes boy — time to march on. - Media Mole

If I am right, is there something different...something new about Yasser. You know, he sort of looks different now. I notice he is gelling his hair more often than he did before, and his shoes have an extra shine. Men do these things only under two conditions: one when they are getting ahead in their careers, or when they have discovered love. So what's with you my boy? - The Interpreter of Maladies

Roopa, my grandmother is a huge fan of Young Times. She says it helps her reconnect with the child within her. She also says that you look at topics concerning the young from a very adult perspective. The problem is that, I want to look at things from a very 'me' point of view. I like babes. Would it be possible for you to introduce 'Babe of the Week' kind of photo in YT. Like the Sun newspaper in Britain. - Shakoor R.

This is for Chandru, and Chandru alone. You have proved your magnificent editorial skills by making KT a truly informative and well-read newspaper. But, from the little I know perhaps you need to get a makeover for yourself. Perhaps, get a new, younger look and a funky hairstyle. I know of a few stylists who can help you out. But, then I have to tell you all these things don't come cheap.- P.K Nathan

Duane, you cut a fabulous figure these days. The extra pounds seem to have vanished, and the mop of hair on your head looks absolutely ravishing. The more I look at you, the more I am reminded of those handsome Spanish men. The only thing that perhaps does not go with your personality are those grotesque sideburns. Time you shed them for something trimmer...sexier.- Secret female admirer

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