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We ponder the importance of saying ‘yes’

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Published: Sat 17 Sep 2011, 9:35 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 6:26 PM

Movie Mania

Inside Job (2010)

MATT DAMON PROVIDES the narrative to this blood-curdling, Oscar-winning documentary on how unchecked greed and corruption on Wall Street collapsed the world economy.

Various experts weigh in with their opinion and reveal just how reckless the banks were with public money – breaking down industry intricacies into everyday speech and metaphors.

We see how the privatisation of Iceland’s banking industry caused its previously stable economy to implode, how US big businesses retained gold-plated credit ratings despite their mindless profligacy and the scale of the Bush government’s involvement with Wall Street.

The highly acclaimed film is directed by Charles H. Ferguson, following up his similarly lauded 2007 documentary on Iraqi occupation.

Love Connection

Sarah Harding & Arnold Schwarzenegger

AS POP QUINTET Girls Aloud began their meteoric rise in the early Noughties, blonde bombshell Sarah just as quickly established a reputation as the group’s resident party girl.

And having split from fiancé Tom Crane recently, you can be sure the now-brunette beauty will be hitting London’s trendy nightclubs harder than ever.

We started wondering – what type of superhuman could keep up with Sarah’s wild ways? Only one name sprang to mind: Arnie. A man who has played everything from killer robots to a pregnant man onscreen, his personal life has proven somewhat colourful as well (especially after this year’s revelations about his 13-year-old lovechild with a former nanny).

There’s just one thing left to answer: would Sarah find her Love Machine in the unstoppable Mr. Schwarzenegger, or would he prove a Running Man?

YouTube Giggles

You’re never too young to start

A COUPLE OF tiny tots get into a heated argument over some unknown issue – as yeses and nos are batted back and forth with building irritation.

“Be quiet!” shouts the boy, before his female counterpart pulls rank. “You be quiet – I’m four, you’re not four,” she retorts, seemingly in a bid to get the young upstart to respect his elders.

Finally, the knockout blow comes in its most famous form – as the girl runs off to tell the parents about her “bad” opponent.

To see the clip, visit and type ‘Cute kids arguing’ into the search box.

Celeb Trivia

JIM CARREY’S 2008 comedy Yes Man – in which his character must agree to all propositions, no matter how absurd – is actually based on a real-life book by British journalist Danny Wallace.

In the book, Londoner Wallace realises his life is in a rut and is advised by a stranger on a bus to say yes more. This involves everything from giving money to e-mail scammers to travelling the world on a random suggestion – and the writer even meets the girl of his dreams thanks to the power of yes.

As for the movie, it scored a mega $225 million at the international box office and won plaudits from the likes of David Letterman and Davina McCall.

Quote Hanger

“THERE HAVE BEEN very few virtuosos in the history of the group, but there have been a lot of really nice people. The Cure backstage is a notoriously fun-filled zone”

(It’s not all doom and gloom for Robert Smith)

Mole of the Emirates

Overheard from conversations around Dubai this week…

“Word says it’s not a word”

“Finally the vending machine is paying me back”

“Add the bags”

“Still not sure on the Deal or No Deal double date”

Celebrity Anagram

Tyler Labine

Retain Belly

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