City Unwind

City Unwind

Is it possible to bore regular people if you’re famous?

Movie Mania

The Other Guys (2010)

Starring: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes, Michael Keaton, The Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Steve Coogan

MARK WAHLBERG ENTERS the comic fold with surprising aplomb in this suitably silly take on pre-credit crunch politics in America.

He plays disgraced New York detective Terry Hoitz, who is now desk-bound after accidentally shooting Yankees baseball star Derek Jeter. Hoitz takes out his frustrations on his polite but geeky colleague Allen Gamble (Ferrell), who is happy to be out of the line of fire.

After the macho stars of their precinct meet an untimely death, the station’s cops begin jostling among themselves to become top dog. Meanwhile Hoitz and Gamble stumble on a multi-billion-dollar fraud being masterminded by sleazy businessman David Ershon (Coogan).

Cue all manner of silliness, from wooden guns to subversive TLC references, as the mismatched duo work together to save the day. That’s as long as Hoitz can take his eyes off Gamble’s ‘plain Jane’ wife Sheila (Mendes).

YouTube Giggles

Mad mascots

IS THERE ANYTHING funnier than someone dressed in a ridiculous outfit making an inadvertent fool of themselves?

Of course there isn’t – which is why you’ll love this selection of oddities from the already strange world of American sport.

Watch as various mascots battle gravity, athletes and their own lack of common sense. The hideous slam-dunk failures are our favourites.

To see the clip, visit and type ‘2008 NBA basketball bloopers’ into the search box.

Love Connection

Duffy & Gavin Henson

WE’VE OPTED FOR a no-brainer this week, pairing up a couple of Welsh wonders based on their past loves.

Perma-tanned metrosexual Gavin made his name on the rugby pitch, before becoming a tabloid favourite for his relationship with singer Charlotte Church.

And fellow warbler Duffy took a similar route – striking gold with debut album Rockferry before hooking up with Welsh rugby star Mike Phillips.

Now the sun has set these two respective relationships, we figure it’s time for a spot of mix-and-match.

Celeb Trivia

A MULTIPLE OSCAR-WINNER who has been married for 28 years, Denzel Washington is the picture of an upstanding celebrity.

But the father-of-four wasn’t always so disciplined. At 14, the New Yorker was sent away to private school by his mother, who feared for her son’s wayward lifestyle.

The Hollywood star has credited that move with changing his life.

“I wouldn’t have survived in the direction I was going,” the 56-year-old claimed. “The guys I was hanging out with at the time have now done maybe 40 years combined in the penitentiary. They were nice guys, but the streets got them.”

Washington went on to win huge acclaim in films in films such as Malcolm X, Glory, The Hurricane, Training Day and American Gangster.

Just for Laughs

A POLICEMAN SEES a car swerving all over the road, and pulls the vehicle over.

“Can you tell me what the problem here is, sir?” he enquires. “I’d like to know why you’re driving like a madman.”

Billy gives the officer an exasperated look.

“Because sir, everywhere I look there’s a tree in my way.”

“That would be your air freshener,” replies the policeman.

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