Chelsy dares to smile

JUST LAST week she was photographed looking red-eyed and glum following her split from Prince Harry. But, as recent pictures show, Chelsy Davy still knows how to enjoy herself.

chelThe 22-year-old, who ended her three-and-a-half-year relationship with Harry last weekend, has spent the past week with her new friends in Leeds, where she is studying for a postgraduate degree in politics.

Despite being 'very down' immediately after the break-up, Zimbabwean Chelsy has managed to continue with her favourite pastime partying.

And friends say a reconciliation could be on the cards, as Chelsy and Harry have been in constant touch on the phone this week.

"Chelsy has been taking Harry's calls and he has been bombarding her with texts," says a friend. "She has not ruled out the possibility that they will get back together but she plans to make Harry suffer a bit."

Clearly making the most of student life, Chelsy was the centre of attention at a 'tea party' among her new friends in Yorkshire.

In a little black dress, Chelsy beamed broadly for the camera, in contrast to the image of her last week, looking miserable and teary as she left her rented terrace house in the city's Headingley district.

Despite reports that she plans to drop out of her two-year course following the split — caused in part by Harry's reluctance to visit her in Leeds — sources at the university say she has no intention of quitting.

Friends also say Chelsy has been speaking to Prince William's girl-friend Kate Middleton. "There has been some talk that Chelsy and Kate are rivals, but they get along very well," one said. "When Kate split with William, Chelsy and Harry were very supportive and spoke to her regularly to see how she was getting on. Now Kate is returning the favour. Kate knows better than anyone how to win a Prince, so she's probably been giving Chelsy some good advice." Chelsy has kept a low profile following the split, attending lectures and enjoying dinner parties.

"Chelsy has great fun with her friends," said one pal. "It is true that she has been really miserable recently and that Leeds was a huge culture shock, but her new friends have been amazingly kind to her.

"One of the things that annoyed Chelsy was how shocked Harry was by the place she is staying. The one time he did come up, she cooked him a spaghetti bolognese but they argued over the meal.

"Chelsy lives a very different life in Leeds to the one she lives with Harry, but she is so easy-going, she can move easily between the two.

"She has been in constant touch with her family and friends in South Africa and they have all told her to stick it out. She has been spending most of her time watching DVDs and studying.

"She is going through a tough time but she is not as upset as everyone has made her out to be. She will not be going home before Christmas."

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