Mummy likes Mickey and so does dad, they like Donald and Goofy too. They say they watched them when they were young so does it mean that Disney is so old, if so why haven't the cartoon characters aged? Actually they have.

When Mickey Mouse made his debut to the general public in a film named Steamboat Willie on November 19, 1928, at the Colony Theatre in New York he looked a lot different. In fact, he was quite similar to Oswald the Rabbit. The main differences being Mickey Mouse had short round ears instead of long bunny ears, a longer nose, a long skinny mouse tail instead of a bunny tail, and skinnier legs and arms. But the face, eyes, mouth and hairline were very similar.

Over the years Mickey Mouse has evolved and so has every other cartoon character that has stood in limelight long enough to be termed a classic hit. Tracing the tracks of evolution and growth not just in characterisation but also production is the Cartoon Museum at Mercato shopping mall. The exhibition of memorabilia, facts and figures takes viewers on a journey through the colourful career paths of many cartoons and their creators.

Said Sally Zourob, deputy head of the Cartoon Surprises week organising committee, "The place is bustling with music shows, games and cartoon characters clowning around. Kids can join the performers who are in full strength between 5pm to 10pm playing hit numbers for kids to dance on and running contests for the children to win prizes. Around 50 prizes are being distributed everyday at the mall," she informed. Added Sally, "It's a warm and interactive set up for the children to get acquainted with the lives of the characters they have adored together as a family because most of the cartoons that have been talked about here are more than 75 years old" she said.

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