Brunch review: Mezzerie, Waldorf Astoria, Palm Jumeirah

Brunch review: Mezzerie, Waldorf Astoria, Palm Jumeirah

This melting pot New York brunch is, to use a Dubai buzzword - sumptuous.

By David Light

Published: Tue 10 Nov 2015, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Thu 12 Nov 2015, 9:58 AM

AS WE MOVE into the temperate months, every one of the numerous brunches across the emirates will be vying for your attention; attempting to conjure up innovative schemes in order to get you to part with your cash. What really matters though is the relative value - what you get for that money - and the atmosphere.
Even without the superb add-ons, the Waldorf Astoria's brunch would be light years ahead of many others and delivers on the aforementioned essentials. The food, which we shall discuss shortly, is amazing and the environment, equally charming. However, there are two bonus items that must first be discussed. The foremost extra involves arriving in style. If you have booked between eight and 10 guests, take the hotel's private boat from Dubai Marina to the Waldorf jetty. That's right, get a free cruise in before you start enjoying the brunch.
Secondly, after a few courses you can learn a new skill. Sabrage is a special technique where a sword or sabre is used to open a bottle of bubbly. Enter Mezzerie, the restaurant where the brunch is held, and at the door stands a sabrage professional ready to teach you how to chop the top off a bottle of fizz safely and with a flourish.
Okay, on to the food. The Waldorf brunch is inspired by the original hotel's hometown, New York. Dishes on offer hail from the Big Apple's vibrant neighbourhoods to form 'The Melting Pot' theme this set up goes for. Food from 5th Avenue, Little Italy and China Town are just some of the treats you can expect.
The fresh shellfish is a sight to behold. Huge oysters laid out in ice make a tempting starter. Perhaps add a bit of smoked salmon, mussels, or Spanish ham to the plate for an extra luxurious introduction.
Vietnamese soup and spring rolls also make a delightful entree.
For the mains, you've got your pick of excellent cuts of roast meat including beef or chicken. There are Yorkshire puddings (presumably from that small English enclave just behind Rockefeller Centre) and a host of sides including cauliflower gratin and roast vegetables. A grilled prawn curry also created a wonderful aroma, but alas plates were too full to try it. Heaving under the weight of the beef (pictured), any more would have been foolish.
The dessert table was typically laden with brownies and tarts, which, when enjoyed alongside the sound of the live two-piece acoustic band, ended things perfectly.
The brunch takes place every Friday from 1pm to 4pm and is priced from Dhs345 to Dhs600.
Call: 04 818 2222

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