These days most film stars are interested in doing commercials — trying to endorse some or the other brand and thus gain quick money. Most of these actors advertise products which also constitute their personal favourites.

By N. Anandhi (Contributor)

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Published: Sat 22 Apr 2006, 12:54 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 4:23 PM

But exceptional ones like Kajol feel that there is more to do with the authenticity of the brand rather than one's personal interest in it. Of late Kajol has endorsed the jewellery brand Asmi.

According to her she chose to take up this project for its tagline which caught her immediate attention and not because of any jewellery addiction. "Asmi has a very strong and catchy tagline. It talks about a certain inherent power in every woman and being such a woman myself, I don't mind endorsing the brand at all. And I feel it was not the jewellery but what the brand had to say that inspired me," says Kajol.

Kajol's reel life and real life is worth comparing. The complexity of her make up in films is in direct contrast with the simplicity of her real life image. For in her day-to-day life she has never been observed over-loaded with heaps of jewels. Actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Karisma Kapoor, and Sushmita Sen have always maintained a high profile by consistently promoting the brand they endorse. Kajol on the other hand does not believe in doing that.

"I feel it's the simple jewellery rather that suits me best than those big stuff I'm seen wearing in my films. Well, one thing is for sure — I can never lay my hands off my solitaire," says Kajol.

Kajol often talks about her simplicity and the fact that she has no crazy fascination for jewellery as such.

"Given a chance I would prefer not to wear any jewels at all," says Kajol.

All the big and small film stars nowadays are engaged in endorsing different brands for the feel that their intervention would lend a great boost to the sale of the products. Kajol being the brand ambassador of Asmi is carrying the same tradition ahead. However, she does not consider the ad-world a very big forum. "Movies are a bigger and better medium, any day," says Kajol.

Kajol at present is doing very limited work. Yet, commendable it is that any brand she endorses immediately grabs the audiences attention and brings her into focus. Recently she is the topic of discussion everywhere because of her new film Fanaa. "No, sorry. I am not supposed to talk about that film now," she says as if blindly following instructions.

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