Bargains Galore

Bargains Galore
The array of products on sale include unstitched Pakistani suits for ladies and handmade accessories

Dubai - Love a good bargain? Don't miss out on the Pakistan pavilion, a must-see before the 20th season of Global Village comes to an end

By Suchitra Steven Samuel

Published: Sun 20 Mar 2016, 11:52 AM

Last updated: Sun 20 Mar 2016, 12:58 PM

The 20th edition of Global Village has turned out to be the best so far. Over 5 million tourists and residents have crossed its gates recording Dhs2 billion in business transactions, according to official sources. Like the 32 pavilions participating this year, the Pakistan pavilion too has been doing good business. The theme of the pavilion is based on the Indus Valley civilisation that flourished in the basins of the Indus River, one of the major rivers of Asia. Historically, the Indus cities were noted for their urban planning, baked brick houses, elaborate drainage, water supply systems and clusters of large non-residential buildings.
In tune with the theme, the façade of the Pakistan pavilion has a historical background as it depicts the ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro, located in the province of Sindh, in Pakistan.
"This year we have added a dedicated interactive heritage area offering eight different forms of activities. We ensure that every day we showcase three to four different cultural performances to entertain guests while also acquainting them with our culture," explains Omer Siddiqui, organiser of the Pakistan pavilion.
That's not all, there is an LED screen at the cultural stage inside the pavilion, which streams visuals of the famous landmarks in Pakistan giving visitors to the pavilion a chance to 'virtually experience' the beautiful landscapes of the country. "We have several authentic products being offered at our pavilion. This year we have included a plan of the layout of the pavilion at the main entrance giving details of the number of shops along with the shop categories to facilitate a better shopping experience for visitors," explains Omer.
A total of eight artistes perform at the cultural stage of the pavilion including four male and four female performers. There are a number of cultural aspects that are highlighted at the pavilion such as handmade products, heritage village and cultural shows. Culture of all the four provinces of Pakistan - Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakthtunkhuwa are potrayed here. Cultural dances such as the Liwa, Bhangra, Attan, Luddi and Khattak are also performed. At the interactive area, handicraft activities such as embroidery, knitting, painting and the use of musical instruments such as the flute and tabla, a percussion instrument, are showcased.
There are a number of products on sale such as leather jackets, ladies garments and unstitched Pakistani suits for ladies, traditional footwear, carpets and Nimco - a special crunchy savoury. Ethnic furniture designs, paintings, marble decorations, shawls, toys and silk dresses - all this and more from Pakistan - ensure the best ethnic shopping experience for visitors to Global Village.
The fastest moving items at the pavilion are the leather jackets, the garments and unstitched ladies suits.
"The Pakistan pavilion is very unique and rich in culture and we, as organisers of the Pakistan pavilion, endeavour to provide the best shopping experience to all our guests in order to make their visit to the Pakistan pavilion as enjoyable as possible," Siddiqui concludes.

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