'Bad Boys For Life' directors picture Shah Rukh Khan in Bollywood version

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They feel the Bollywood version should have 'epic action' with 'musical elements'.


Published: Sat 25 Jul 2020, 11:40 AM

Last updated: Sat 25 Jul 2020, 1:49 PM

Moroccan-Belgian directors Adil el Arbi and Bilall Fallah love the world of Bollywood. So much so that they feel an Indian version of their recent Hollywood hit, Bad Boys For Life, would be a good idea. They even have a star in mind, for someone who could lead the 'desi' version of the franchise -- Shah Rukh Khan.

At the time of the release of Bad Boys For Life earlier this year, filmmaker Rohit Shetty had expressed his desire to remake the popular Hollywood franchise in Bollywood.

Asked how they envision the 'desi' version, Adil said: "Well, you know, it would be an honour to begin with. Because Bollywood is like the biggest movie industry in the world, and we come from Morocco. They're big Bollywood fans, and the biggest star in the world is still Shah Rukh Khan. So we hope that he (the Indian director) would have Shah Rukh Khan in the movie."

Adil continued: "You've got to have him. In Bad Boys, there are a lot of bright colours that match with Bollywood cinema, where you have bright colours. It's exotic. So, you have a lot of similarities, and the costumes (are bright, too). But I think you're gonna have to use more music. It has to be a little bit more epic action with musical elements."

Bilall agreed: "I would be super excited to see a Bollywood version of Bad Boys. I'm behind it."

At the time of the release of Bad Boys For Life earlier this year, Rohit Shetty said: "It will be (remade) for sure. The moment I say that who should be the 'Bad Boys' in Bollywood, it will go viral that 'I am making a film with them' and I will be in a mess. So, I know who the 'Bad Boys' are but I don't want to disclose it right now."

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