Back with a bang!

CLOSE FRIENDS of Ranbir are worried about his relationship with Deepika. They feel he is too innocent for her. She plays him like a violin and they fear that he may get very hurt again. She played with his feelings once before and got him into a major depression.

When he got back with her, his friends were very wary. But Ranbir was too much in love to listen to anyone. Says his friend, “Sonam would have been the best for him. She is sweet, caring and innocent. Ranbir did not have any hassles with her as she was so straightforward. She was his friend, confidante and cared deeply for him. But when Ranbir met Deepika he fell for her charms and ever since has been at her beck and call.

When Ranbir was fired by Sanjay Leela Bhansali to concentrate on his film and leave girls well alone, Ranbir had told Deepika that their meetings will have to be very secret. She got annoyed and started meeting her ex-boyfriend Nihar again.

On hindsight it may have been just to make Ranbir jealous. This hurt him tremendously so he just kept away from her. Then she hooked up with Yuvraj. That shattered Ranbir who was still besotted with her. Ranbir is a very reserved guy and a one woman man. He could not understand why Deepika was playing games. He knew she was meeting Yuvraj and yet she was denying this to Ranbir. He was in complete confusion as to what to believe and what not to. By now he had already signed the YashRaj film opposite Deepika. He had to fly to Australia for the outdoor schedule. There was no way he could avoid being with her. It is on this outdoor that he fell into a worse depression. In his heart he knew that Deepika was still in touch with Yuvraj. But she kept flirting with Ranbir and hinting she was still in love with him. She kept telling him that she wanted a commitment. She was fed up of being kept a secret. She told him she felt insecure. Ranbir listened to this but remained silent and aloof. He did not know if he could trust her anymore. Because the minute they had a slight problem he would either hear about her meeting Nihar or Yuvraj. So Ranbir decided to keep his distance. He took the advice of his friends who told him to stay away from her.

“Suddenly one day, when Deepika’s shooting was over, she flew off to be with Yuvraj in Adelaide. Ranbir still had a few days of shooting left. But the next day (the weekend, when the unit had an off day) Ranbir just disappeared. He had not told a soul where he was going. The unit looked for him but in vain. To cut a long story short, we later found out that Ranbir had followed Deepika to Adelaide and in true filmi style had told her how much he loved her and that he would shout it loudly to the world. Deepika was so shocked and happy that she gave Ranbir her word that there would be no more Nihars and Yuvrajs in her life. That is when she told Yuvraj that their relationship was over and even told him why.”

So was Deepika waiting for Ranbir to publicly admit his love for her, we ask the friend? “Looks like it. I think till then she was also insecure about their relationship. She wanted a commitment. She told him she had always been in love with him. But because he was so reserved and non communicative about his love for her she was confused. After Ranbir went on quote to declare his love, she too informed the Press that they are together and in love.”

Said Deepika when asked about Ranbir, “We are together and we are dating. Today everything is sorted out. Ranbir's parents and mine know what’s happening and they are very happy. Initially my parents were disturbed when they read about my private life in print. But now they have realised that it is all part of my profession.”

When asked what happened between Yuvraj and her she says, “I don’t like to talk about that. I am not commenting on my past. I am very happy right now in my relationship with Ranbir.”

Love means sharing a lot. They have a common manager now; a second PepsiCo ad. shot by Imtiaz Ali of Jab We Met fame (Deepika has become their latest brand ambassador thereby replacing Priyanka Chopra) and of course the YashRaj film. Now that they are a couple the industry buzz is that producers will be flocking to sign them on like they did Kareena and Shahid. Hope their love lasts that long.

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