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AS POTTER mania as we know it reaches its pinnacle what with the imminent release of the eagerly anticipated seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, in depth literary analysis and general assumption amongst...

By Abbas Ghaznavi (Contributor)

Published: Wed 18 Jul 2007, 12:27 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 12:11 AM

readers has led to speculation that the beloved bespectacled protagonist shall meet his own end along with his story.

This theory gains further credence from the fact that the author, J.K Rowling, has confirmed that two characters will die in the last instalment of the extremely successful series, and hinted towards Harrys death when she stated in an interview that she has "never been tempted to kill him (Harry) off before the end of book seven".

Reactions to this theory have been mixed among Potters numerous fans around the world. It comes as no surprise to learn that a vast majority of Potter enthusiasts have expressed outrage at the very thought of the boy wizard dying. To them, Harry Potters death is nothing short of unacceptable. There are quite a few loyalists, however, who deep down are convinced and grudgingly accept his probable death. Some are actually quite pleased with the idea and rejoice at the suggestion that Harry Potter might die!

We at City Times managed to question various Harry Potter fans in Dubai on which two characters, they believe, might be bumped off at the end of the series and how they'd react if Harry Potter were one of them.


ranI for one would be extremely satisfied with an ending which sees Harry meet his doom, needless to say he has had his fair share of close calls, his lucks bound to run out. Moreover, such an ending would go a long way in the form of closure. If Harry somehow manages to yet again defy Voldemort and live, knowing with hindsight that J.K Rowling does not intend to continue the series, the rest of Harrys journey would be left to ones imagination and our imagination wouldnt be able to do it justice. Best leave it to the experts.

Harry breathing his last in the final book would be a fitting end to such an enthralling saga. All good things must indeed come to an end. And regarding the death of a second character, it isnt as much as I think it is going to be Ron as it is that I WANT it to be Ron. Never a big fan of that carrot top. All he did was cry, whine, lust after Hermione, cry and whine a bit more. I mean, we get it, hes a teenager and hes got raging hormones but he isnt pregnant. Add to all that, hes got orange hair, I mean, come on! if that doesnt get him killed I dont know what will. So Ron shall ascend the heavenly gates along with Harry... (I'm keeping my fingers crossed!)


annHis death wont come as a surprise to me. I think many others may be expecting an end where Harry will sacrifice his life to conquer evil. Well if Harry dies then it is like good winning over evil with great sacrifice. Harry being the protagonist, will die a hero's death, quite a dramatic ending to the HP series. I'd rather Harry dies than Ron. It's either Harry or Voldemort. Other than them, Im sorry but I cant just give you just two names.

In my opinion there are three possible characters who are likely to die. Mad Eye Moody may die. He is an important character but his death won't create much of an impact.

Ron Weasley; His death would make many sad and give Harry a much more stronger reason to finish Voldemort. Since Harry has never spent time with his folks, he doesn't really know what their love was like. Sirius wasn't with Harry for so long for him to miss his godfather. He got over it. Dumbledore's death did add to his tragedies but Dumbledore was more of a guide to him whereas if Ron dies Harry is going to be devastated. Harry has spent 6 good years with him. They lived together, laughed and fought. Ron is Harry's best friend, even like a brother. Ron is the first friend Harry ever had. Ron is a perfect character to kill for JKR. If not Ron then one of the Weasleys. Snape; As many are confused about Snape's loyalties. Many like me think that there might be a small chance of him being on the good side fighting evil. He can die so that others may succeed in killing Voldemort.


sabWell, I think anyone can die except Harry. There's no way Harry could die. If Harry dies I would be utterly shocked and bewildered. Of course, it should be Voldemort and Bellatrix. This series of books should not end with Harry's death. And according to the prophecy only one can survive, and if Harry dies this will lead to Voldemorts eternal life. There has to be some end to the cruelty of this dark lord and I really hope it wouldn't be through Harry's death!

Snape is a good man, hopefully so it can be Snape as well but seriously I am more interested in knowing if Harry will live.


ayesHarry dying seems like the most sensible ending to the series. As the books progress, they get more dark and grim. J.K Rowling isn't going to make the ending a light and happy one. The last two books are proof that the final one isn't going to end on a pleasant note. In a recent interview, Rowling stated that "a lot of people are going to LOATHE the last book'. And if she does end up killing the hero of the book, then she's right, a lot of people will hate it. But hey, it's got to end. Harry isn't going to be getting the easy way out, all the time. And, if he does manage to survive then everything's going to be hanging in the middle. It's going to be a very unsatisfying and a hollow ending.

The other character who might die could possibly be Neville Longbottom. Rowling never gave that much importance to his character in any of the first four books. But gradually, Neville proves himself in the Order of the Phoenix which surprised quite a few people. It might be that both Harry and Neville fight Voldemort together. Neville's got to prove himself for the final time and get revenge for his parents.

In this process, both Harry and Neville are going to die. Plus, no one's going to expect Neville to do anything, so that's something Rowling might do to surprise everyone. I'm aware that a lot of people have their bets on Ron dying. But that's just way too predictable. Rowling probably won't go that way. What are the chances that the two main guys of the series are going to die? It's just very hard to digest.


imadFirstly the two characters I think will take their last breath in Deathly Hallows must be Harry himself along with Snape. Well, if Harry dies, it would be like the perfect way to end the series. J.K. Rowling said somewhere that "some people will absolutely loathe book 7", I mean when else has she ever said this? There have been other important deaths in the last three books but it hasn't yet made us loathe the series.

It's very evident that Harry will have to die, how else can the series end? If she wouldn't make him die, people would want more books about him. People are actually signing petitions so that J.K. Rowling would continue the series. However, if Harry dies, the public would actually "loathe" book 7 but would end up liking it in the long-term. This would allow an end to the series!

Harry's death would, yes, make me quite upset but if the book requires his death to take place, I would be very proud of him at the same time. It would definitely be the kind of bravery shown by a true Gryffindor student for Godric Gryffindor himself was very brave indeed! Maybe Severus Snape would also die in the process, probably trying to save Harry out of a tight corner?


deeDeath of the protagonist is a very dramatic ending to any epic series. History has many examples of great heroes or saviours who sacrifice their lives so that the rest of the world can live in peace. Also Harry's death will bring a proper end to the series. If Harry is left alive then the possibility of an 8th book is present and from what I've heard of JKR, she wants to stop with this one.

On the other hand, Harry's death will somehow be pointless in the way that surely JKR wouldn't have saved Harry from umpteen situations just to kill him off in the final book. Also the Prophecy says one of them namely Voldemort or Harry has to die. And considering that there are all possibilities of Voldemort dying, surely Harry will survive. I have a few doubts on Voldemort's death. I somehow feel that he will not be completely destroyed. A part of him will linger somewhere, somehow.

I feel the Minister of Magic will die. Somehow of all the unimportant people, he's on top of my list. Next, I feel one of the Weasleys will die. Though I am not very sure which of them. Strong contenders in my opinion are Charlie, Ron and George. McGonagall of the Order of the Phoenix also will die.


devIf Harry dies then I think it would be a fitting end to the HP series, it'll be like the death of a great hero who sacrificed his life in order to rid the world of great evil. Also if Harry were to live then there would be a high possibility of an eight book but as far as I know J.K Rowling wants to finish the HP series with the seventh book so she'll probably 'kill' Harry. It would leave most HP readers disappointed but I think Harry will die in this book.

I hardly have any doubts on Voldemort's death as I believe, and most will agree, that the HP series ending wont be a happy one if Voldemort were to survive. Of the important characters I think it'll be either McGonnagal or Snape. McGonnagal because she is a member of the Order and also is like a mentor to Harry and until now all of his mentors have died (Dumbledore, Sirius).

Snape, I somehow feel will be killed at the hands of Voldemort. There is also a high possibility of one of the Weasleys dying.

The most probable ones are Ron and Percy.

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