Art for goodness sake

A photography and icon exhibition dubbed 'Reaching u' aims to support the Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre

artLA CAFETTE BY Carpe Diem is hosting 'Reaching u', a photography exhibition by Kamal Helou and an icon exhibition by Angela Abou Alwan.

The photography exhibition will feature black and white photographs of 18th and 19th century Lebanese houses categorised into 4 groups, the simple flat roofed houses, gallery houses, Liwan houses and central hall houses.

Kamal hails from a small village in the south of Lebanon called Wadi Jezzine. He grew up in a family with a father whose world was defined by houses, structures, apartments, buildings, edifices and construction, and a mother whose world was shaped by traditions, nature, simplicity, authenticity and spontaneity.

art1The combination of those two worlds inspired him to see, notice and capture the beauty of Lebanese architecture that mainly originated in the 18th and 19th centuries.

His previous exhibitions include: 1998 Byblos Old City Lebanon, organised by the ministry of Culture, 1999 Beirut, Lebanon, organised by the ministry of Ecology, 2000 Forum of Beirut, Lebanon at 'Lire en Français et en musique', 2006 Dubai Carpe Diem 'The Art of Living', and 2006 at Ibis World Trade Centre, Dubai.

art2Many artists in the UAE come and go, but Angela Abou Alwan has been a resident of the UAE since 1969. Having been passionate about art all her life, she gladly made use of the opportunity to undergo art training in Chelsea, London, when her daughters attended boarding school in the UK in the eighties. As an active member of the Dubai International Art Centre, she exhibits her work at the Annual Member's Exhibition.

Her icons on wood panels are particularly striking with their deep, rich colours and gold gilding. Icon painting is an art form steeped in tradition, and the technique requires both skill and patience, but the end result always satisfies with the beauty of its simplicity and the spirituality it conveys. Angela captures not only spiritual images on her icons, but any figure of importance, for example royalty or mythological figures.

'Reaching u' is a group set up to promote awareness and integration of children with special needs and raises funds for the organisations that support and serve them. This particular exhibition will support a fund raising effort by 'Reaching u' to build a gym on the grounds of the Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre.

The exhibition will take place from December 1 till January 5, 2008 at La Cafette Carpe Diem, Ground Floor Town Center Jumeirah Road.

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