Another setback for the showgirl

KYLIE MINOGUE has cancelled her upcoming world tour over fears that it could damage her health. The 39-year-old singer, who recently beat breast cancer, had planned to discuss tour dates, costume designs and track lists with her stylist and adviser William Baker.

Only a few weeks ago, he had said: ‘I am heading back into the studio with Kylie in February to start training for the tour we want to do in June. It’s going to be fabulous.’

But Miss Minogue has told that she has now shelved plans to go on tour after being advised to do so by doctors. next year. It kind of breaks my heart because that is what I’m in this business for.

‘Not being able to go ahead with my plans is a real downer.

‘Every woman has to face up to new priorities, near the top is health. I take my health very seriously but not obsessively. Everything is about pacing yourself.’

Miss Minogue, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, made a full recovery after having treatments including chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

But doctors are concerned that she is pushing herself too hard and warned her that the daily performances and punishing travelling commitments of a world tour could seriously harm her health.

Insiders have said that Miss Minogue, who guest stars in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, was so keen to go on tour that she was initially prepared to ignore medical advice.

But now she has decided to make her health a priority.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 she was forced to cancel her Showgirl tour, but she resumed it late last year after her recovery and played a New Year’s Eve show in London.

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