An art for craft

Meet Gulsen Dikturk, who turns everyday objects into things of beauty through her sheer talent

By Zoe Sinclair (Staff Reporter)

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Published: Mon 24 Sep 2007, 11:21 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 8:51 PM

artGULSEN DIKTURK has been drawing and creating works with her hand since she could hold a paintbrush and over the years she has developed a way of beautifying just about everything she touches. Even old potato, onion and fish skins.

It’s a little unusual but the effect is impressive and barely resembles the original product, with onion peel forming the petals of a flower and fish skins, the crinkly colourful detail on a pot.

Just how Dikturk, from Turkey originally, does it, without it turning into a disaster, is easy according to the artist. But you’ll have to watch her new TV show to follow all the steps.

With more than twenty years in Dubai and most of them on various TV shows, including Dubai TV programmes such as Arts and crafts with Gulsen Dikturk and Cup of Coffee, Dikturk’s new show – Decision Makers, on Nile Satellite, airs at 11pm on Tuesday and made it’s debut last week.

Dikturk sees the show as an opportunity to share her love of arts and crafts and her techniques with women and girls in the region.

art1"I wanted to be an archaeologist, but I found myself doing handicrafts and arts,” Dikturk smiled.

"I think God gave me a gift as an artist for handicraft. Something is pushing me to share it with people.”

Dikturk first made her debut on TV after one of the channel’s directors saw one of her creations, a flower, on the wall above her desk and asked her if she could replicate it on TV.

With her hands shaking, and her voice quavering in Arabic, Dikturk made her handicraft work on TV for the first time.

Since then she has continued on TV and also made a children’s arts and crafts book upon the request of the Ministry of Education. The book is now in all the UAE public schools.

Dikturk stressed how simple it was to make a few pretty objects for the home and maybe discover a craft which could become a living.

"It’s simple material that’s on hand in every house,” she said.

art2"It’s always low cost material. I see the material and it gives me an idea."

From jewellery to lampshades, Dikturk will demonstrate all her methods for arts and crafts.

"I was a housewife when I took some time off from work and it was really boring. Then I felt maybe everyone feels like this. I want to help them by doing something.

"To look at it another way. If they do arts and crafts and they get experience, then they can sell the goods. Especially for young girls. If they can’t get work outside they can do this.”

If nothing else Dikturk is happy to share her passion.

"You forget everything when you’re making this. I enjoy it so much.

"Everyone has a different character. I’m showing them all the possibilities and they can find something for themselves."

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